I’m moving!!! Well, kinda…

It’s been a while since I posted and here’s why 

Pretty good reason, eh? But, I think I’ve also evolved a bit. I wrote a while ago about how I wanted to try a capsule wardrobe (remember that?) but it didn’t really work out for a few reasons. 1) I had 3 kids 2) I homeschool and 3) See above picture. 

(Photo credit: Melissa Price, Memories by MP
Now that I’m finally wearing normal clothes again, I’m ready to tackle that idea. Maybe not the whole capsule wardrobe thing but I am digging in my closet, pulling out old favorites, giving away things I haven’t worn, or just plain don’t want to wear anymore. No more holding onto stained or worn out clothes because I may need a ratty outfit sometime. No more clothes that don’t fit hanging idly by while I choose different ones. Bye bye to the things I don’t love- hope you find someone new to take good care of you!

This is it- I’m going to wear the pieces I love, add a couple pieces I like each season and ditch the yoga pants. Wait no. No, I’m not going to ditch the yoga pants. I like those. But, I am going to try to put some effort into me every day. I love my kiddos and I love playing with them, taking care of them, and teaching them. But, I just feel better when I take a few minutes to put together an outfit that makes me feel pretty. It makes me more productive and more purposeful. 

To that end, I started a new blog. It kind of began with a quest for a diaper bag (which by the way ended in Australia– who knew?). But, I’ve been enjoying trying out new things (mostly for baby) or pulling out old things (mostly for me) and my plan is to keep you posted on how that works out. 

So, join me over at Mommy in Flats, where I am definitely always running (usually after a certain two year old boy who shall remain nameless) and hopefully sometimes inspiring you to reach into your closet and pull out something that makes you smile. Life’s too short not to wear what you love! 

First Day

okay, it’s not our first day back anymore but I just did a little tidying up in our homeschool room so here’s a peek. There are a few things left to put on the walls but I can’t fit one single more piece of furniture in there!  


I need to try to take some pictures with my real camera (these are just iPhone pics) when the sun isn’t so bright. 

Here’s one of my favorite elements of the room even though I’m still not really sure what I’ll put in them!  

These are old coke boxes. The boxes themselves aren’t level so it kind of makes everything look a little off level but they’re not. J made the shelves with pipes and fittings from lowes. They turned out perfect! 

I’m also loving this little desk we got from the flea market (for $28!!!!). Now even max has a place of his own.

I also really loved this find my friend made- a desk for our printer. I hadn’t been able to find any sort of printer table that I liked and she came across this cute little desk, so we scooped it up!  It’s perfect for storage of computer paper too.

I have some maps to hang and some picture “lines” to make for the kid’s artwork and the homeschool room will be completely finished.

 What do you think? Could I possibly cram anything else into the space??? 


Our homeschool room is getting filled up. Okay to be honest it *is* filled up. But, today I found a deal I just couldn’t pass up.  This beautiful desk. Rounds out our collection to three, meaning each child will have his/her own. 


Isn’t it a beauty? It’s in awesome condition and the top is so cool. It’s not exactly the same era as my mid century modern design aesthetic but the price was more than right (I was looking at similar *doll* sized desks for Christmas and they cost more than twice as much as I spent). 

Yesterday, we stuck with our theme better with this desk we will be using as a printer table:

I really do need to take some good pictures…maybe when life slows down I’ll have time…haha good joke right? Until then, I’m enjoying my flea market finds and my newly redecorated house.  

Speaking of which, I’ll leave you with a sneak peak of what we’re doing in our foyer. We have since hung all the road signs and Im loving the look. We hung the dead end sign over the love marquee and J is now happily referring to me as his dead end love. Which I originally thought was rather depressing until J pointed out that maybe being on a dead end is a good thing- because maybe your home is at the end- awww he’s so sappy ❤


Our Homeschool Room

It’s almost finished (but of course a complete mess- welcome to my life:). When I started fixing up the homeschool room, I didn’t really think much of it. Decided to do a chalkboard table and found the plastic chairs reminiscent of grade school classroom chairs and all of a sudden I realized I was doing the one thing I thought I never would with decor- going modern. 

Last Wednesday, the chair I had finally picked for Anya’s desk arrived. I looked at it and thought…wow that’s a lot bigger than I had planned for 😁. But, I love it. And, the kids love it. So, it stays. And, to be honest, it fits perfectly and so did the price! 

I found this red desk at a local thrift store and the ABC fruit crate at the Strasburg Emporium (you can find awesome vintage stuff there but be aware- sometimes the prices are iffy- I think I paid a little more for this crate than I normally would but really how perfect?). 

The girls are already having so much fun changing the dates on the calendar. Every morning they run down to put on a new date. This also involves pitter pattering over to the window to check the weather. The other day it went from partly sunny, to cloudy, to raining all within the span of a couple hours. 


My sweet oldest child intent at work! I love that the desk has a cubby to hold her school work. I may also add an art wall above the desk. 


So, there you have it! The start of our midcentury modern homeschool room.

Be Still My Heart…

 This made all the headache that was my chalkboard table worth it (to be blogged about another day- I’m almost ready to show you my completed homeschool room. Just a couple more elements to complete and I’ll actually have one room in my house completely finished!!).


Flea Market Finds

We had a fun filled morning at the lowes build and grow and then decided to ride down to a local indoor flea market. I got some things I’ve been looking for for a while:  


And, something that I was not looking for at all.  


An antique tea cart? I’m thinking it will become a shoe rack and eventually I will need to paint it. I’m all about eclectic but I just hung these new hooks in my foyer:  

And I’m not sure the industrial look and the tea cart look quite go. 

I’m thinking it may need to be a bright red or a bright yellow or even maybe a bright turquoise? What do you think? What color would you paint it? 

In other news, the chalkboard table is finished! I don’t have a picture yet but it’s pretty fun for the kids. I’m still working on my neat coffee table/kids table and I have a bunch of other decorating projects going on around the house. Who has the time? There has actually been a development on that whole project that involves me admitting defeat and going with a more neutral color scheme. Can’t wait to get it all done and share it with you!  

A Lot of Work Ahead

The painting in the living and dining rooms is finished and unlike our first disaster, this experience was awesome. The price was right, the painter was experienced, professional, and thorough. The rooms look fantastic. But, we (okay fine *I*) have realized that we just have a lot of furniture that I either no longer like, is not functional, or just doesn’t fit our lifestyle/decorating style any more. Like this china cabinet  

What is it doing in that room? Holding China and other dishes I never use. What is the style of it?  Vintage for sure but would it go in a mid century modern homeschool room? I’m thinking not so to Craig’s list it goes along with a whicker trunk, pier one hutch and our leather la-z-boy couch and possibly chairs (I’d be okay keeping the chairs and ottoman but also okay getting rid of them if it made selling the couch more likely). Oh how my tastes have changed and the realization that what worked when we moved in (or what we thought worked) is not ideal 3 kids later. 

Between trying to sell all that and trying to refinish a few pieces to make them functional, I’m going to have a long road in getting our house back together. I’m hoping that the homeschool table will be finished this week but with all the rain, it’s been tough to find time/opportunity to work on it.  Well, that and baby M makes doing much of anything a task these days. But, in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at our paint choices for the living room in paladin blue by Benjamin Moore: 


Neither of these pictures are super awesome at capturing the blue green color- I’ll take better pictures when I get everything else put together (maybe:).


Don’t worry I’ve already noted the height discrepancy in the curtain rods and that will be fixed (poor J). 

And, the homeschool room in Weston flax by Benjamin Moore:  


So, there you have it! Once the foyer is painted in a few weeks, we’ll be well on our way to having the entire first floor entirely painted. Hoping the refinishing projects come along just as quickly!