Kicking it Off

So, this is just a place for me to ramble (since I’ve stopped rambling- a little too much- on facebook =). So get ready to see pictures of my girls, my craft projects, and maybe an animal or two thrown in there. It’s winter right now so we haven’t really been up to much but I guess I can write a paragraph or two about it..heck knowing me I could probably stretch a lazy afternoon of dora and laundry into a five page essay- at least my Public Relations degree is good for something.

Now, those of you who know me won’t be surprised by this…or maybe you will…but I love holidays. Give me a reason to decorate and buy presents and I’m pretty much content with life. Now, Valentine’s Day has never been my favorite, it’s somewhere above St. Pattrick’s Day or Mardis Gras but most certainly below the biggies like Easter or Christmas and Halloween (my favorites). I mean, yeah, I’m not going to complain when there’s a holiday built around the idea that men should go out and buy their ladies chocolates and jewelry…but there’s nothing that exciting to me about Valentine’s Day. Enter Anya.

I have to say, everything is just more exciting when you have children. Sure, there’s more effort and stress that goes into holiday planning. And some of the magic is definitely lost when you find out exactly who Santa really is and how much work Santa actually does (none) and how much credit the jolly old guy steals. But, watching the excitement through the eyes of your children is even more rewarding than receiving presents yourself. … what was I talking about again? Ah, yes, Valentine’s Day (see I told you I was going to ramble). This year, we started celebrating early with heart crafts and Valentine’s. And then, we found the mailboxes and that’s where the little family party idea started.

As I was walking past the dollar section at Target on, ya know, December 26th (really they don’t waste any time these days, heck on February 15th, Target had cleared out V-day stuff to make room for Easter- that had already started creeping in anyway), I saw these adorable mailbox tins that looked just perfect for making a valentine holder. So, thinking we’d do them with all of Anya’s little friends, I bought a bunch (I like buying things). Unfortunately, we never did coordinate a V-day playdate (thank you flu season) but instead, I had Anya make mailboxes for everyone and oh what fun she had…jewels, glitter, and my most brilliant idea ever (ha ha) nailpolish- hey it sticks to metal..actually is there anything that nailpolish doesn’t stick to??

Now, you thought that was the end of my craftiness for the holiday didn’t you. I mean nailpolish and tin and glitter- that’s an awful lot. But, nope, not for me. Like the day before Valentine’s Day, I decided that A and B needed to make J (ah I have my own secret code) a handprint/footprint present. Commence a 3 hour shopping excursion to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby (the latter being far superior in all aspects). Finally, we arrived home with water colors, painting paper, and a custom cut mat to fit A’s handprints, B’s footprints, and a picture of the two very happy little princesses together. I even knew what picture I wanted to use which made choosing the layout even easier. If you ever want a mat cut- go to Hobby Lobby in Winchester. The girl talked with me about it for like 20 minutes…I’m indecisive but it worked.

And, if you thought all the fun was over…POM POM CRITTERS!!

Our first family Valentine’s party was a success. We even had fondue (A regularly asks to go to the “crockpot” so this was her pick), salmon, and brussel sprouts (again her picks). And, the best part of all, Daddy bought mama a large variety of Fanny May chocolates. You don’t get much better than pink mint meltaways. So, yeah, I’d say it was pretty much a success- and the fact that I’m constantly tripping over a certain glitter covered, bejeweled, nailpolish smelling pink mailbox proves it.


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