‘A’ Starts with Anya

Lately, Anya has been telling me that ‘p’ starts with piggy. Somehow, I think she’s got that a little backwards, but she is sure that it is so and who am I to disagree? I’m sure I will miss it when she knows exactly what letters go where and she ceases announcing “look that’s the letter that starts with pig” every time she sees a ‘p’ and so I do not often correct her. But, I digress.

When we decided to start trying for number two, I decided it was time to start designing the princess bedroom of my…er number one’s…dreams. One and a half years later, it is still not finished. But, it has been getting closer to completion tiptoe by tiptoe. Today, I decided to give up on trying to find the letter hooks I’d been dying to find ever since I saw some (in the wrong colors of course) at Hobby Lobby about 2 minutes ago. So, I dragged the girls and my very patient husband out for materials. After a lot of deliberation, I came home with 5 drawer knobs, 4 pieces of different colored scrapbook paper (okay they’re pink, pink, pink, and pink but at least they’re different designs), the letters for Anya’s name, and some mod podge. Twelve hours after coming up with this entire scheme, the letters are actually finished and waiting to be hung (how we will hang them is still up for debate but you can’t win em all). I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the finished product. Who knew I was so crafty? Luckily, I have a husband who I can present pretty much any task to and he can come up with a solution (and yet he still can’t figure out what it is he did to mess up the picture on the TV and how to fix it). I even have to say- he didn’t lose a finger or an eye in the process- at times I even feared for the dog bowl- yes that’s the perfect place to hold things while you’re drilling right?

Here’s the finished product (aka the most stylin’ place to hang your bath towel and hoodies ever):

Next up…will the birdcage light ever be seen to completion?? The verdict is still out…


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