Nothing Says I <3 You Like a New Table

For Valentine’s day, Jonathan surprised me with a basket of books (speaking of things I <3- Orson Scott Card =) and a new table runner and napkins for my new kitchen table!! Of course, he was thinking dining room and Pottery Barn. Little did he know how appropriate such a gift would be since earlier that day I had sat down in a chair only to find the back was half broken off. So, his table and chairs literally said “I ❤ you so much I would like to not see you fall on your bum next time you sit down to eat.” Now, I know I’ve still got 10 lbs of baby weight to go but I’m not sure playing russian roulette with my kitchen furniture is the way I’d like to remind myself to quit eating so much.

Then began the search for a table set that I liked, was affordable, sat six (you never know when the next one’s coming ;), and wasn’t boring. Really, the last being the key point. After much deliberation we ended up back at Pier One. After about 2 hours of trying this chair with that table and so on, my indecisive self settled on this:


It definitely serves the purpose. It’s unique. Matches the decor relatively well (of course this is hinging on the fact that I actually like the current decor but that’s another matter entirely and not one soon to be rectified). Is comfy. And, lastly but most importantly one of the chairs is “pink” (at least according to Anya) and therefore fit for a certain little three year old princess.


In other, sadder, news, said princess is not feeling too well today. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers since this is her second illness of the sort since Bianca was born and might be indicative of something that will need more attention in the future (though I tend to think it has more to do with her refusal to go potty when I ask than anything more serious- fingers crossed at least).


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