A Babysitter for Anya

Okay, I cannot say enough nice things about our babysitter. I absolutely love her. And, to sweeten the deal- the kids do too! Now, Anya may not be picky (C had her at pink lipgloss) but Bianca is another story. That little girl can be rough on people she’s not sure about. However, when C walks in the door, B’s eyes light up and her arms and legs start wiggling as she breaks into a grin. As if these weren’t enough of a reason to be happy with our sitter, she cleans. It’s not uncommon for her to help Anya pick up the toy room or load the dishwasher or straighten up the family room. But today, she took things to a new level.

Piggy Cupcakes.

It doesn’t get any cuter than those. So, let’s recap, a babysitter who’s great with the kids, cleans, and bakes??? Yes please!


Today was a total win-win for me. The girls were happily entertained, and I got to finish clearing out the closet, let the closet organization begin- more on that later.


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