Spring Is Here…

Well, not really but since the clocks “sprung” forward last weekend it kinda feels like it should be. The fact that I was just hot outside in a tank top and flip flops doesn’t hurt either. Be that what it may, I have officially “sprung” (ha ha clever me) into official spring crafting mode. We’re decorating foam eggs (foam shapes have been a brilliant crafting invention) and I just made my first ever non-evergreen wreath. (If you’re wondering about my evergreen wreaths- you can witness that short lived phase here.)

The idea began on pinterest (which has been my FB replacement but with much less time and attention and actually resulting in me spending more quality time with the girls- yay crafts). I found this idea and thought…I don’t want a garland or a pile ‘o eggs but lightbulb- I *did* want a Spring wreath. And so, I got to work.

Now, I pretty much followed the instructions from the blog but I have several notes. One, the consistency was kind of lumpy with the flour. Next time, I’d stir more or possibly try to omit the flour all together though I’m not sure how this would work. Regardless, making sure to wipe off excess mixture while applying the thread is very important. Any clumps will dry on your pretty eggs and be impossible to come off. Next, blowing up water balloons is not. fun. at. all. So, yeah, have fun with that. Getting a number of similarly shaped and sized balloons was a task and some of mine are a little rounder than others but oh well, it adds character. Lastly, make sure you turn them while drying and don’t pop the balloons until completely dry. I had one or two that were mostly dry (I had turned them once or twice during the drying process) but they were just the tiniest bit damp on one side- that side is kind of sunken in. Not a big deal since I made it into a wreath- just put those parts on the back.

Now, wreath assembly. It was really difficult. I made 14 different colored eggs (40 cents worth of embroidery floss for each one from hobby lobby). I arranged them in a circle. I searched for my hot glue gun. Called Jonathan to ask where it was. Looked some more. Stared at them for a while. Got out out my tacky glue and called it a day. I had two different types of ribbon- but them together and tied a bow. Glued them on with my good old tacky glue (thinking this wreath may fall apart but as long as it’s after easter I don’t care too much). And, done. I will be picking up a can of sealant before I hang it on my door (which I’d really like to get painted first anyway since the paint is peeling and I never did like that red anyway but I digress). I love the way it turned out and I can officially call this the end of my Spring wreath dilemma.

Next up…my closet…which I’m avoiding putting back together by crafting and blogging….=)


11 thoughts on “Spring Is Here…

  1. I LOVE your wreath! That turned out really really cute!

    About the flour, I blended mine in a blender (probably should have mentioned that in my blog), but I’ve seen some people mention that they don’t use any flour and it turned out fine. I just followed the recipe on the bottle of liquid starch.


    • Yeah, I totally didn’t really think of it much first and I didn’t heed your advice about squeezing off the excess liquid enough so I ended up with a lot of the white stuff that I had a hard time scraping off. Loved the tutorial- it was so simple and such a great idea. Love it 🙂 I seriously had been wondering what to do for an Easter wreath and this is so much more fun than anything else I’d come up with! Thanks again!

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  3. Michelle says:

    I have made these, but I just rolled them in the liquids starch (after I had wrapped the thread). Straight from the bottle… No flour! Worked great.

    • I just made another one and I skipped the flour. The eggs are not as strong as the flour ones. I think maybe next time I’d do a couple Ts flour in it really well blended because of the way they’re meant to be used. I also may try putting them on a ribbon wrapped frame next year.

  4. Mary Arnett says:

    I have made tons of these eggs this year! Love them! I hadn’t heard of adding flour, but may try that, but mine are pretty sturdy without it. I actually hang mine from hangers with clothes pins from the balloon (the extra left from the tie). I make sure to put plastic or styrofoam plates under them to catch the drips, but works great. I make a batch each night, let them dry and pop them the next night and start again! I am hooked!

    • I can’t really give any more detailed instructions because all I did was make the eggs and then glued them together with tacky glue. And, the wreath lasted until my husband left it off the door and it blew away lol

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