All Animals Small and…Smaller

So, I gave in. After months and months of listening to “I want a ferret”…”I’m going to get a ferret”…and “blah blah blah ferret” talk. And, after months of me staunchly denying any requests for anything ferret related. We got a ferret. You’re welcome Jonathan. It doesn’t hurt that we are turning in our worst Christmas present ever (Santa why did you think skinny pigs– aka hairless guinea pigs were a good idea?).

Meet Sleeping Beauty Goose (aka Goosie according to Anya). She’s kinda sorta really cute (but harder to get to take a picture than an Anya, which is saying something).


Anya is already carrying her around like a baby and absolutely adores her (she certainly must since she agreed to trade in her “piggies”).


It’s a nice change since the guinea pigs were just not at all interested in being held. Especially by Anya, who cannot just let an animal be but has to pick the poor little animal up and relocate her a couple million times. Goose so far doesn’t seem to mind at all. Other than a few minor scratches (she has very sharp claws), Goose has been very lovey and snuggly and seems to like to lick and love on all of us. Now, if only she didn’t smell like a ferret, which is why we got something to put in her water that supposedly will finish eliminating the subtle musky smell the descenting left behind. If not, J already said she was going to live in the basement anyway so that’s always an option. Ah well, a happy husband is a happy wife. And it doesn’t hurt that Anya adores her “Goosie” too.

Though, I do need to learn to stop saying “never” because it’s the kiss of death. So, I won’t say this is the last animal we will be getting for a long time or ever. Because, if I do, we’ll come home with the mini lop bunny that I fell in love with today. We do have to go back to the pet store tomorrow anyway to bring in the guinea pigs…


3 thoughts on “All Animals Small and…Smaller

  1. Erin says:

    When I was pregnant with Bella I had a ferret that looked almost exactly like your Goosie (his name was Harry Albus lol). He was the sweetest little thing, he loved sleeping on my chest and loved cuddles. I think he’ll be a great pet for Anya and Bianca (when she gets older). When I had Harry I found a spray at the petstore that you spray on them a few times a week and it helps with the smell. I don’t remember what it was called, but it really helped a lot.

    • We have a spray =) It works for like five minutes. She’s a smelly little thing but she’s so sweet. I even held her for a few minutes without her nipping me so she’s learning too lol. Jonathan’s putting something in the water that’s supposed to help too so we’ll see.

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