Fun with Fabric


I love pinterest. I can’t really describe my feelings with any other word. I recently found this tutortial for making fabric flowers. It’s really simple and totally customizable. If you try it you’ll learn what you like best and how to do it. I, personally, prefer looser more rose-like flowers (the writer of the tutorial liked hers much tighter and that’s a completely different look). 

You can see my first roses were tighter overall:


The more I played around with them the more open my flowers got:


My purpose for making the roses was to create a spring/summer wreath. Every year, I leave my Christmas/winter wreath up way too long because I simply had nothing to put on my door for the rest of the year and I couldn’t find something I liked either. I’m not a fan of fake wreaths (though I’m pretty sure I could find some high quality silk flowers and make *something* I liked which might be the next project) and thought I’d looked, I’d never quite found anything that I liked. Well, as soon as I saw this tutorial I knew this would make a perfect wreath. I haven’t quite hit the combination for perfection but I’m working on it and here are my first attempts at it.Image

And my second one (which still needs a hanger):


I like the shape of the flowers from the second one but the colors and wreath from the first one. So, I may combine my knowledge and make a third (you can never have too many wreaths right? And, I do have that etsy shop I don’t know what to do with- or I do…if ever I’d get the time…). 

I would write a bit of a tutorial about how I made these (and how I get my flowers the way they are- it’s really a bit different than the tutorial I posted) but my little ones may revolt if I don’t get off the computer and take them out to play in the sun so that shall have to come later!


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