A Kiss for You and (two or three or four =) For Me

I decided to try out a pinterest recipe tonight: Kiss Pies. Well, they didn’t turn out pretty but mmm.. were they yummy and simple to make (though I think making a lot of them would be kinda time consuming but at least there’s practically no clean up!!) 

I modified the recipe slightly. I couldn’t find a flavor kiss I wanted so instead I added nutella and peanut butter to them (since the package comes with two crusts I made one of each flavor).


I added a small dallop of nutella or PB to the inside of the pie crust circles and then stuck my kiss in the center. I now see that the pictures on the recipe show the pie much more pinched together and therein lay my problem since my pies came undone. I think another way I could have remedied this was to make the pie crust slightly thinner and a little wider to accomodate the extra ingredients.


See, I did not pinch them together anywhere near enough. You live, you learn.


Oh well, they may not be pretty but they taste fantastic so I’d say that’s a win and I’ll be trying a prettier version at a later date.


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