A Door for a Princess

Poor Jonathan. He’s in a house full of girls. There’s me (duh), two little princesses, two girl pups, a girl bunny rabbit, two girl guinea pigs (who have been traded in since I first started writing this post), and our newest addition a baby girl ferret. So, he’s constantly surrounded by everything girly. Well, now he gets to add our front door to that list. Honestly, I *wanted* to paint our door blue. A pale, beautiful, maybe not so very manly but still not too girly, blue. But, we have dark red (hideous sigh) shutters. So, we were going to paint it a white of sorts. Well, we get to the store and J thinks that white will clash with our beige siding and he lobbies for, of all things, a purple hue. After much deliberation (and some paint samples), we finally settled on a deep rose color (new bud to be exact).

With our shutters. Driving up from a distance it looks even better than how it looks here. I think our door could use a new light and new kick plate but that shall be improvements for another day (the house could also use a good power washing- anyone have a washer they want to lend me??? =).

So much better for displaying my wreaths. I will perhaps have to rethink my plan of making an all pink one though =)

Poor Jonathan. But, at least Anya is thrilled. How thrilled she’ll be when we finally paint her bathroom a sea blue instead of pink I’m not sure (every time we go past the paint chip aisle she cries “but I want to paint my bathroom pink!”) but for today, we have a happy little princess.

Speaking of home projects, I have a handful of other things that really do need to be blogged about all in varying stages of completion so expect some crafting and home improvement blogs coming up, hopefully in the near future! And, this just in- my dream bedroom complete with redecorated closet are nearing completion! My princess bed (it really is fantastic) just arrived today. I’m in love.


ETA: Since this post, I have realized I don’t actually need the hideous kick plate (I don’t know what I was thinking) and so it is gone- waiting for me to fill the holes but gone none the less…ah it looks so much better!


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