Egg-cellent Piggy, Hippo, and more

Last year I found an egg dying kit that had animals, not just any animals but a PIG animal. Basically, it was just a kit with dye and stickers that made the eggs look like a pig, frog, rabbit, and chick. To say they were a hit is a bit of an understatement. Anya wanted to sleep with them she loved them so much…considering they were hardboiled eggs this wasn’t quite feasible. I kept them for a month or two after easter and had to sneak them into the trash when I finally did throw them away (and I have a feeling Anya caught me and cried anyway).

This year, I searched everywhere and have yet to find a similar kit (they just don’t make them like they used to…or at least not how they did last year). I planned to put them on plastic eggs to make them more permanent. I did finally find an animal kit from Target, but, no piggies. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and here are the results.

Really, there’s not much to them except time but I’ll give it a go explaining what I did. First, here are the main things I needed to buy:

Wooden Eggs (though you could use plastic and skip the painting step all together)

Acrylic Paint in various colors (I bought white but didn’t really need it for the sheep, may use it when I make our bunny though)

Felt or foam in various colors

Pipe cleaners

Things I had laying around the house (as a craft-o-phile I have a lot of random craft items stowed away) but you may not:

Various sized googly eyes

White pom pom balls

Hot glue gun or tacky glue

The only thing you may have an issue finding (especially if it’s not Easter season) are the eggs, I picked mine up from hobby lobby’s Easter section for 40% off:

First, we painted each egg with the acrylic paint. It took several coats to cover each egg (and I had a baby who needed a nap or at least lots of attention so we took lots of breaks anyway). Then, the gluing began. Since I let Anya help we used tacky glue for a lot of it but after she lost interest I finished it with the glue gun which was much quicker. I kinda copied this pig and this sheep design but the hippo and frog are all mine (can’t ya tell?). Ironically, we somehow managed not to make either of the most popular Easter animals. I guess I could go into more detail about how I actually glued each individual googly eye or cotton puff but, is that really necessary? The most difficult thing may have been the legs but I simple folded the tip of each leg and glued it with hot glue to the body- they are not very sturdy so I see a lot of re-gluing in my future.

Anya is over the moon thrilled with her new “princesses” and “prince.”

So, I won’t lie, this was a little time consuming but it was a fun craft for a lazy afternoon. Anya loved gluing all the little cotton puffs onto the sheep and had fun painting all her eggs. I can’t believe we only have a week and a half until Easter, I’d better get moving, we’ve got lots more crafting to come!


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