Chalkpaint…what’s that?

If you’re thinking, “What the heck is chalk paint and why would you want to use it?”, you’re not alone. That’s exactly what I thought when someone posted the “recipe” for chalk paint on pinterest. My first thoughts were only confirmed when I clicked the link and found it was a blog complaining about how they didn’t actually like using it. But, Jonathan and I were in the process of figuring out what on earth to do with our night stands. I love them. They’re so cool with their very unique hardware and the design, including a hinged door that folds down and requires a key to open (not really easy to use but still very cool looking). But, I hated the color. It was just not my taste. I prefer either dark wood or light rough wood. This was somewhere in the middle. Also, they’d obviously used some sort of polyurethane to seal it but it didn’t really work so there were water stains etc on it (we found it on Craig’s list originally).

(oops I forgot to take a before picture so this’ll have to do…)

We thought about staining it and even tried it a bit but it was just not working right (I think we hadn’t sanded it enough but it was also just not a good color for the yellow almost orangish wood). So, I checked out chalk paint again and discovered that it *could* be perfect for what I was looking for. Plus, with chalk paint there is no prep work necessary. No sanding, no priming, nothing. Just clean and paint. There are a couple different recipes circulating the internet but the easiest is just plaster of paris and paint. I’m not even positive how Jonathan mixed it but it came out perfectly. I think he used 1 part PoP to 2 or 3 parts paint. I like this blog about chalk paint.

So, without further ado, here’s the finished product:

And here’s mine:

I love the way they came out aged without any distressing at all. We only did one coat because I wanted it to have a mildly distressed look and I feel like we got that with very little effort. We also finished it up with a coat of minwax to seal it. So far, I haven’t noticed any scraping off or anything. However, I do think chalk paint is probably a bit more likely to get dinged etc so it’s not for every project. But, it did exactly what I wanted in this case and I absolutely love the results.

Next up, our dresser with a chalk paint/lace technique I saw on pinterest (of course).


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