A Door, Some Crates, and a Little Inspiration

I need a craft corner. We’ve been thinking about what to do for a while now. I plan to take a sewing class soon and I enjoy crafting. A lot. So, I need a corner to call my own complete with desk, storage, and possibly an ironing top. Well, today while at the local Antique Emporium, I came across some apple crates. From there arose the idea that I should make them into a desk. Now, here I sit wondering how exactly to bring this to fruition. So far I have:

And, what I think is the design I have decided on:

Jonathan is out scraping the paint (it’s some sort of plastic-y outdoor paint) off the door as I type. But, where to go from there? Ah decisions, decisions. And the only part I don’t like- see that door peeking out beside the crates? It’s going to get covered up once this desk is done. How much is that going to irritate me? We may have to relocate it (which will be no easy task once this whole thing is screwed together as this will be one hefty piece of furniture). I’m still contemplating what to do with the door. Options include sanding it down and pretty much leaving as is (not likely), painting, or doing some sort of modge podge over top (considering using magazines or newspaper). The last option was more being considered when we were planning to use a piece of plywood as the desk top.

Oh, and I’m also considering leaving the door knob on…it’s kinda cool in an extremely rusted sort of way but wonder if that will get annoying- will have to try it out before committing…

What would you do?


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