My bitty princess is 7 months..and fits in her Easter Basket…


Okay, well she’s days away from 8 months so I figured I needed to stop putting it off and retry to do her 7 month pictures (I tried way closer to 7 months but lets just say she wasn’t exactly being cooperative that day). I still can’t believe she fits in her Easter Basket. But, to be fair these are the large PBK baskets and when I bought Anya’s online last year I was a little shocked at the size. I really need to measure things before I buy them online =) Bianca was perfectly happy in the basket and her sister even cooperated a little for some shots. I love my perfect little angel babies =) (okay they’re not always perfect nor always little angels but I love them anyway).


Bianca was being so happy it was hard to pick just one picture- I love them all!

ImageThey kind of sort of adore each other. I love that they’re holding hands…not sure it’s entirely a mutual hand holding but Bianca’s going to hold her own in no time…she’s already an excellent hair puller much to my chagrine.


I sometimes find it hard to believe she's real- she looks like such a little doll.



Not the Mama!!

OMG Bianca looks like the baby from Dinosaurs!!!!

I bet you can’t tell which is which =)

A little chalk and a little lace…

So, we did this a while back when we painted our nightstands with chalk paint but I just hadn’t gotten around to blogging it. I found this tutorial for a spray paint lace design on pinterest (where else?) and thought it would be perfect for the beat up old dresser we bought on craig’s list ages ago.

Okay, it wasn’t hideous- definitely had some potential, just didn’t really, I don’t know, go with my style. So, I went out and bought some spray paint and some lace (there is apparently only one design of cheap lace- I ended up with the exact same lace as was featured on the blog). I had never spray painted before. I was impatient and I did it on a cold windy night, which was not the optimal setting. It isn’t quite perfect (I’m a perfectionist and I never can quite satisfy myself with do it yourself projects- I tend to be less critical on others’ work I think) but I like it and it’s definitely a fun technique.

Finally, I’m starting to get to the point where I not only have a grown up bedroom, but I also love being in it and keeping it pretty (aka making the bed, hanging my clothes etc). I think I’ve finally reached adulthood, how do I know this? Because, having a nice, organized house is more exciting to me than going to HFStival.

Happy (belated) Easter!

I haven’t really been doing much personal blogging lately so thought I’d throw one in about our Easter. It was frantic, fun, and just plain fantastic! We spent a lot of time with the NoVa branch of cousins. Somehow, I never manage to take enough pictures of the things I really want pictures the girls together or of the many cousins. But, I’ll have to make do with what I have (and really, I have more than probably anyone but me wants to look at). Oh, and for the record, the girls were not really so happy about having an Easter picture done so I may have to revisit that idea later…then again maybe I won’t.

Easter Egg Wreath I made my mom for her birthday. It actually was supposed to be round but the more I look at the oval shape, the more I like the accidental egg shape of the egg wreath- kinda appropriate eh?

Bianca decorating her first Easter egg!

Anya made herself a piggy egg...of course!

Egg decorating is some serious stuff, yes it is.

I had to make a piggy egg even though there wasn't really one included in the kit...hence the sketchy looking pig egg =)

Bianca's Easter Basket- yes the Strawberry Shortcake doll is in fact bigger than the seven month old

You'd never guess who this basket is, princesses, piggies, I wonder...

And the Easter basket search begins (okay and ends but that was just baby B's basket =).

Barnyard and dessert shaped Easter egg search!

Ooooh is this for ME????

We will eventually test the theory that Bianca could sit in her Easter basket...

Easter Egg Hunt Champ