Anya-isms (I just want to marry you)

I have to write a few of these down before I forget them. Anya is quite possibly the smartest three year old I know (yep not biased at all). But, she constantly says and does things that remind me that she *is* still my little one. For example, she still pronounces mermaid “lermaid” and llama “mama” (now it’s occasionally “llamama”). Cooperate sounds more like “crapulate” and nativity “tivty.” But it’s the things that come out of her mouth in sentences that crack me up.

Yesterday, she was doing a lot of back talking and when I’d told her to stop and be respectful for about the twentieth time and she still wasn’t, I told her to go sit in her room until she was ready to be respectful. She looked at me and said “okay, I’ll be respectful in a few minutes,” as she walked to her room.

The other night at dinner, she was eating pretty well, but not touching her chicken. After the second helping of carrots I found myself telling her “You need to eat your chicken before you can have more carrots.” Not something I ever thought I’d hear myself say. Then again, this is the same child who exclaims, “Yay! My favorite!” when I tell her we’re having brussel sprouts for dinner.

My absolute favorite is when she randomly looks at baby Bianca and says in a very sweet voice, “I’m going to marry you when you grow up, yes I am.” This is often followed by lots of baby kisses and snuggles. It melts my heart. Of course, she’s been saying she wanted to marry me for I don’t know how long so I guess I’m out of the running. I’ll take it though. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the great enjoyment that we have brought into Anya’s life by giving her a baby sister. She often tells me she’ll take 2 or 3 or 4 (the number seems to be growing by the day) more. Of course, since she’s only ordering baby sisters I’m not sure how many more I’ll be able to deliver.

The other day, Anya was sitting reading herself Jonathan’s coral book. (Yes, our three year old can identify corals and often points them out when at the pet store.) I wasn’t really paying attention when all of a sudden I heard her saying something like, “press the button to make Nemo swim.” I started listening. She successfully read herself a whole video game about Nemo swimming around the pages. The funny thing is that she does not play on her leap pad (which does have a Nemo game) that often. I wish I’d had time to get the video camera out for that. I have a feeling it will be repeated though, especially since just yesterday she stood in front of me on the stairs for a second, then stepped aside and said “go that way to follow the path” in the same video game-esque voice. At least, she’s getting imaginative play out of her game time.

Today, Anya’s belly was hurting and she was very upset about it. While we were walking in to the doctor’s office for Bianca’s well check, Anya said “maybe I’m allergic to the outside.” knowing us, this comment wasn’t all that surprising. I replied, “Maybe we should put you in a bubble.” She seemed a little confused by that idea. About half an hour later she randomly says, “All our bubble machines don’t work.” I just said “nope, we’ll have to buy new ones.” She sat there for a little while before saying..”well we can’t put me in a bubble then.” Ah, the way little minds work.

Anya is a very special little girl and she has been a joy to watch in her three years. She often walks up to me and says “hug” or “kiss” or “snuggle” and proceeds to give me whichever one she’d said. Now, it may be that she does this when she’s in trouble (which I’m sorry to say has been happening more than I’d like these days, definitely seeing a lot of the trying threes over here), but it still makes me smile most of the time. It’s hard to be mad at that little Foo Bug when she’s just so darn cute.


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