Something Old into Something New

I’d like to dedicate this post to my friend, Annie. See, I am not in fact, a hoarder…just a resourceful housewife with a lot of ideas and not enough time on my hands!

Ever since we switched to formula (ugh don’t ask), I’ve been saving formula containers. Yes, I know, I sound like a crazy hoarder. Especially considering my baby has been on formula since about 6-8 weeks old. So, I have quite a few containers floating about my house. Now, if you’d said this to me while I was formula feeding Anya, I’d probably have looked at you like you had three heads. Back then, they were cardboard round containers of no use to anyone once empty (you can still get similar containers if you buy the smallest size available). However, they have now switched to these (I’ve found to be useful) plastic boxes:

Not only does the lid completely snap off in two separate pieces but it goes through my dishwasher perfectly. Win- win for me. So, I’ve been peeling labels and dishwashing these containers for 5ish months. Since then, you’ll find a couple around the house with labels like “almond laundry soap” (yes I dabbled in making my own soap..not sure I’m a convert though I’d have to experiment more to say for sure) or “embroidery floss.” But, they were just so boring:

The other night, it dawned on me that the containers would be awesome for all of Anya’s tiny toys that she adores. They are constantly being strewn about the house and that can happen no more now that Bianca is getting closer and closer to mobility. Going with the whole kid theme, I decided to spray paint them with chalkboard paint. Then, for Anya’s, I’m modgepodge-ing pictures of what goes in them so she can put them away in the correct container.

And, here is the finished product:

And here’s a picture before meets after:

Some things to note about this project. One can of chalkboard paint is a little under $4 and only covered about 5 cans with two coats and needing touch ups (as you can probably tell this job was far from perfect but I ran out and who knows when I’ll have time to finish this project- story of my life =). Whatever you do, do not decide that it’s a good idea to spray paint in your kitchen on the linoleum no matter how dark and windy it is outside- yeah so not making that mistake again (thank goodness linoleum is forgiving). And, that’s about it. I’ve got about 10 more containers already with purposes that need to be sprayed…someone want to come over and do that for me? No? Want to watch two adorable little girls while I do? DEAL…I’ll be back in a couple weeks =)


4 thoughts on “Something Old into Something New

  1. Omigosh! I LOVE this idea!!! You make me wish I was formula feeding!!! Or at LEAST that I saved the one can of formula I DID use way back in the beginning!

    You’re so crafty! You should TOTALLY open an etsy shop!!!! Between this and your wreath and that birdcage you showed us a while back…

    • Ugh…and I wish I *wasn’t* formula feeding- especially since my little bean is such a peanut. But, I do actually have an etsy store with my wreaths but no interest really yet…might have to take them to craft shows or something. And, one day, that light that I showed you all will get hung…maybe =)

      • Start a Fan page on Facebook! That’s where people will see your work 🙂 Put the pix up there for all to see 🙂 I’ll fan you 🙂

        And B will grow 🙂 Allison was my formula baby and she was a tiny peanut, too. Miranda has consistently been only about 1lb heavier than Allison was and that’s on just breastmilk (minus the few bottles of formula in the beginning and the “real” food she’s on now.)

  2. What a great idea and the implementation is wonderful. Fits in with my philosophy that everything should be used at least twice. Although I tend to use old plastic containers to send leftovers home from holiday dinners. Recycled four or five today.

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