It’s a door, it’s some crates, it’s a bookshelf, it’s a…

DESK! Finally! We mostly finished it sometime last week but to get around taking pictures…that was a task indeed. Partly because it involved rearranging the whole room but that’s another story entirely (which is still in the process of being finished).

So, the whole project started here. I have been needing some crafting space for quite a while and I’m finally on track to getting that (yes the desk is finished, alas the organizing never seems to be- am I the only one who has that problem??).

So, after many long hours sanding (thank you Jonathan), a couple coats of stain and polyurethane (until I realized I was using poly-stain- it wouldn’t me if my project didn’t involve at least one blonde moment…remind me why there’s black spray paint waiting to be scrubbed from the linoleum still?? =), a couple of screws, here it is.

And one of my very crooked picture wall…someone want to come straighten some pictures for me??

The only thing I don’t like about my desk’s new home is that there’s no good way to place my set of drawers at the moment like it had when it was blocking the door.

Lastly, here’s the desktop. The lighting makes it look very orange. It is actually more of a reddish brown color so I may have to retake this picture in the morning but oh well- gotta do things when the babes are asleeping =)

Speaking of the lighting and orange walls, I’m really ready for a change. I’m thinking pale blue or pale green or maybe a slight combination of the two…ah but that is a (very big) project for another day. One I will probably think about and put off for a year or two…I get to paint the cabinets too- ah what fun I have to look forward to!


2 thoughts on “It’s a door, it’s some crates, it’s a bookshelf, it’s a…

  1. Looks VERY cool! I think the uneven surface would drive me bananas though!!!

    And, I have to ask, HOW can you have those drawers of oh so fun items within child’s grasp and NOT have A getting into them???? My A gets into EVERYTHING!

    • LOL Anya has her own toys to be honest, I don’t think it ever occurred to her to get into them. She does get into her hairbows etc but only with me supervising. The drawers do not slide out easily either though…you need to come visit and when you saw how many toys we have for one child you’d understand. It’s ridiculous.

      As for the uneven surface. I’m going to see how it works (it’s not a writing desk so I’m not sure it’ll matter) and possibly fill it in with resin…not sure I’ll like how that looks though so it’s a last resort.

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