Great idea…

lacking in execution, I think…I’m not sure exactly what to do at this point since lots of thought, effort, and money has gone into this project at this point. In fact, you’d *think* if you do something yourself, it’s usually to *save* money. Not so much in this case since I bought an “antique” birdcage (about $70?) and two strands of battery operated flower lights ($15? each). But, I had a vision and it was going to come through no matter what. Except now that it’s “finished” (well, almost =), I’m not sure I actually like it. Actually, I’m sure I don’t. But where to go from here?

Here it is, the subject of my ramblings:

Okay, okay, it’s not the light itself- which I have to say I think is looking pretty great (patting myself on the back yes I am..=). It’s this:

Now other than the fact that Anya won’t actually sleep in this bed since I added the curtains (well, at least I’ve fulfilled all my own childhood princess bed fantasies =), the light seems to hang at just the wrong place. It needs to go a couple inches down which could be easily accomplished with a chain. But, then it would hang awfully low which may pose a problem in a child’s bed. Then again, since Anya seems to prefer sleeping on the trundle, maybe it doesn’t matter after all.

Ah well, no project is without it’s set backs. It only took about 10 months from conception to implementation (we still need to put up the decorative flower ceiling mount and obviously the one chain link on at the moment is neither the right color, nor is it hanging the cage perfectly straight but considering it’s been sitting on the floor for MONTHS, at least we’re moving forward!). I’d give it another 2 or 3 years before it’s either the way I want it, or taken down since Anya will probably be bored of her princess room by then anyway.

I do love the way it looks, and maybe it will allow Anya to actually have the lights off in her room when she sleeps (yep she sleeps with her overhead light on at the moment), then again I’m not holding my breath.


4 thoughts on “Great idea…

  1. I think it’s STUNNING!
    I think you should TRY lowering it a couple of links just so that it hangs at or below the top of the bed frame.

    As for getting Anya to sleep in it, maybe if there were sheer pink curtains instead of solid? Then she could still see out of them?

  2. Thanks! I need to get J to drag out some more links and spray paint them and the mount (it’s too white) and test it out…Anya’s room will be finished some time this year I suppose.

    I keep meaning to buy some pretty ribbon and tie the curtains back but haven’t gotten around to it. As it is, I do tuck them behind the headboard and footboard. I think sheer curtains probably would’ve been a better idea but I had to have the ruffle curtains and they *are* pretty (even if they need to be stained) so maybe she’ll just have to grow into them. I’m not sure I could get her back in her big (much more comfortable) bed at this point anyway- she loves sleeping in her “little bed.” lol Heck I don’t care, as long as she’s not in mine. I *loved* cosleeping but it was time for that to be done with lol.

    • I think these were the ones I used (I bought them forever ago so I can’t remember- make sure if you buy them they are in fact the bendable ones. I accidentally bought another set of flower lights that were on a stick type mount. They’re not cheap especially once you add shipping but like I said in my post…I didn’t actually go cheap on this project at all.

      Another option (which is how I originally intended to do it), would be to buy some sort of twinkle lights and put artificial flowers around them. The advantage of this would be that if you did it with regular lights the bulbs are replaceable. Disadvantages would be they would require more frequent battery changes and you’d lose the crystal appearance and lose some of the light. Then again, you’d gain some attractiveness when the light was turned off as the flowers would be more prominent. It might be worth a try.

      You can also find hanging lanterns at hobby lobby for reasonable prices. I have actually looked into making these types of lights quite a bit, just don’t have a ton of time to execute them.

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