A little chalk and a little lace…

So, we did this a while back when we painted our nightstands with chalk paint but I just hadn’t gotten around to blogging it. I found this tutorial for a spray paint lace design on pinterest (where else?) and thought it would be perfect for the beat up old dresser we bought on craig’s list ages ago.

Okay, it wasn’t hideous- definitely had some potential, just didn’t really, I don’t know, go with my style. So, I went out and bought some spray paint and some lace (there is apparently only one design of cheap lace- I ended up with the exact same lace as was featured on the blog). I had never spray painted before. I was impatient and I did it on a cold windy night, which was not the optimal setting. It isn’t quite perfect (I’m a perfectionist and I never can quite satisfy myself with do it yourself projects- I tend to be less critical on others’ work I think) but I like it and it’s definitely a fun technique.

Finally, I’m starting to get to the point where I not only have a grown up bedroom, but I also love being in it and keeping it pretty (aka making the bed, hanging my clothes etc). I think I’ve finally reached adulthood, how do I know this? Because, having a nice, organized house is more exciting to me than going to HFStival.


2 thoughts on “A little chalk and a little lace…

  1. That’s super neat! So…. do you spray paint OVER the lace so that the pattern just shows through on the drawers? Do you attach it to the drawers or just hold it?
    Turned out pretty cool I think!
    If I did this for my bedroom, I think I would have to paint the whole thing white, then spray paint purple over the lace 🙂
    (That’s right! I talked The Husband into a purple bedroom!!! lol)

    • You just lay the lace over and it stays put. The problems I had with it were angle and you can’t see it so it’s hard to make it even imo- hence the bottom drawer- didn’t realize it was so splotchy until I took the lace off. If you were to paint it and then do it over the paint you would not want to use the chalk paint- like I did for the rest of the dresser. I bet that would look really cool though with white/purple. Click the link for the person who originally did it. Her piece looks much better than mine lol

      Oh, I’ll have to start taking pictures of our room…it’s turned into a girl’s haven over the last few months. I have a pink closet, pale blue bedspread with pink flowers and butterflies, and a canopy bed. Luckily, my husband either likes it or is lying to me to make me happy. And, I did let him pick the wall color when we moved in even though funnily enough- I wanted to paint it purple =)

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