Happy (belated) Easter!

I haven’t really been doing much personal blogging lately so thought I’d throw one in about our Easter. It was frantic, fun, and just plain fantastic! We spent a lot of time with the NoVa branch of cousins. Somehow, I never manage to take enough pictures of the things I really want pictures of..like the girls together or of the many cousins. But, I’ll have to make do with what I have (and really, I have more than probably anyone but me wants to look at). Oh, and for the record, the girls were not really so happy about having an Easter picture done so I may have to revisit that idea later…then again maybe I won’t.

Easter Egg Wreath I made my mom for her birthday. It actually was supposed to be round but the more I look at the oval shape, the more I like the accidental egg shape of the egg wreath- kinda appropriate eh?

Bianca decorating her first Easter egg!

Anya made herself a piggy egg...of course!

Egg decorating is some serious stuff, yes it is.

I had to make a piggy egg even though there wasn't really one included in the kit...hence the sketchy looking pig egg =)

Bianca's Easter Basket- yes the Strawberry Shortcake doll is in fact bigger than the seven month old

You'd never guess who this basket is for...pink, princesses, piggies, I wonder...

And the Easter basket search begins (okay and ends but that was just baby B's basket =).

Barnyard and dessert shaped Easter egg search!

Ooooh is this for ME????

We will eventually test the theory that Bianca could sit in her Easter basket...

Easter Egg Hunt Champ