Lighting with Mason Jars

So, this should be a two part post…eventually. But, for now, we’re just happy that we can see in our kitchen finally!

This project started…wait I’ll let you guess…on pinterest- ding ding ding! I found this mason jar light tutorial and pretty much fell in love. Jonathan jumped right on board. He went through a couple different tries before he came up with the right number of jars and type of electrical wire etc but I think the finished product looks pretty darn good.

(Please excuse the mess, though this is the cleanest my kitchen table has looked in a month =)

One of these days, when life slows down (ha ha yeah right), Jonathan will get the time to start on the second part which will be a light for over the island. Oh and I suppose the last part is a small light for over the sink.


Whose Pantry is That??? Oh Wait, it’s MINE!

That’s right, I finally organized the kitchen pantry. Who ever thought that would happen? I still have a ton of cupboards and closets to tackle but at least one project is down!

Before (aka the disaster: where canned goods go to die):


After (so, I’ve concluded I could probably use a larger pantry):


And my baskets with my handmade chalkboard labels:


By the way. These are the products I used to complete this project. These large tote baskets and these small tote baskets. I used flex tubs $5.99 at Target for plastic bags and to empty costco-sized portions of snacks into (since they are so flexible, I will be buying one more and squeezing it in to hold bottled water). I also used small and large index cards (can be purchased anywhere but I got mine at Target) with chalkboard contact paper and attached invisibly with tape and rafia.

I chose the plastic baskets in the hope that they would hold up better, I’m a little worried that they are going to be very breakable as I snagged one on something while sliding it out and it popped one of the “straws.” But, it went back together easily so we’ll see. The price has gone up since I bought the baskets as well. Overall, I’m happy with all the products I used though and I’m hoping they all hold up since the pantry certainly gets a lot of wear and tear.