Lighting with Mason Jars

So, this should be a two part post…eventually. But, for now, we’re just happy that we can see in our kitchen finally!

This project started…wait I’ll let you guess…on pinterest- ding ding ding! I found this mason jar light tutorial and pretty much fell in love. Jonathan jumped right on board. He went through a couple different tries before he came up with the right number of jars and type of electrical wire etc but I think the finished product looks pretty darn good.

(Please excuse the mess, though this is the cleanest my kitchen table has looked in a month =)

One of these days, when life slows down (ha ha yeah right), Jonathan will get the time to start on the second part which will be a light for over the island. Oh and I suppose the last part is a small light for over the sink.


2 thoughts on “Lighting with Mason Jars

  1. Looks VERY cool! Seems VERY complex though! I’ll stick with my fan light 🙂

    And you call that table cluttered???? Do NOT look in my kitchen right now! (Or ever!!!)

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