Somewhere Over the Rainbow


I know I’m tutu obsessed right now but here’s the one I made for Jocelyn- Anya’s modeling it for me! It’s not perfect- the layers should’ve been slightly longer or at least more even on the bottom but it still turned out cute and when Anya took it off she said she wished it was her tutu =)






This was actually pretty simple except the darn casing for the elastic but that’s a whole story in and of itself. Here’s a brief summary of what I did. Folded over tulle in each color and cut. Put all tulle together and hemmed the top to allow room to run the elastic through one fold (this was a flaw though- I should have put all the tulle together and then cut it and folded it over together instead of cutting separately- then there would have been only one pocket- as it was I ended up with four). Next I sewed ribbon onto every other layer (so one layer of each color was ribbon edged- made the skirt fuller without all the extra work. Lastly, I strung the elastic through and (very poorly) sewed the waist on- I got some of the elastic when I was sewing- I need to make the casing of the waist a little longer I think. Oh and then I sewed on a ribbon bow to the front to cover up some mistakes in the sewing =). Overall, I’m not embarassed to be giving it as a “gift.” Hope my best bud and her “baby” love it!


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