Does your three year old sit still??

Mine does…sort of. Okay not really but she let me do this earlier: 


I was going to do a french braid on each side and then braid them together but that wasn’t working out so I just decided to keep braiding all the way across. I’m sure someone somewhere came up with this hairdo way before I did but it’s always fun when an experiment works out. It’s not exactly a neat hairstyle but I wasn’t being particularly meticulous and Anya wasn’t sitting particularly still (but she’s three and this is pretty good for a three year old imo =). Maybe tomorrow I will revisit my original idea!


4 thoughts on “Does your three year old sit still??

  1. This is super cute! I’ve never been able to french braid 😦 My mother in law explained the basic mechanics of it, but my 5 year old doesn’t sit as well as your 3 year old!!! lol

  2. How did you finish this braid? Did you just pin the bottom to her head??? I need some more creative things to try with Allison’s hair for school! (Her teacher took one look at her unruly hair all in her face and said, “She’s going to wear a ponytail to school, right???” LOL

  3. Lol- Anya’s hair does NOT stay. No matter what I do. Even styles like this are short lived so she’s always a little messy. I guess I could cut her bangs but I’m not sure I want to do that to her- she has fine hair like mine so it doesn’t work well with bangs! Anyway yes I just stuck a couple pins in the underside and maybe one or two in the top. I’m not sure I could recreate this if I tried though lol =)

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