Everybody Wants to Love

I think it’s fitting that the following thought occurred to me on my birthday. I was watching the Olympics at my parents house in passing really (which is the only way I watch any type of sports- just not my idea of a good time) and a commercial came on *for* the olympics. It was showing all the girls on the women’s gymnastics team and giving an inspirational dialogue about them. In it, the announcer said “this is what they’ve been giving up time with loved ones for”- or something to that extent. And, I sat there thinking really? This is what they’re spending hours away from the people they love for? Does it really matter? Is it really worth giving up time with your children (as their parents have to allow their children to spend so much of their time training)?? My answer is no. So, maybe I’ll never do anything great or important or be recognized for anything by millions of people around the world. But, you know what? When my girls grow up they are going to have millions of memories with me and their daddy that can’t be replaced by money, medals, or prizes. To me, that announcer could have phrased it differently because to me it seems more like, “you gave up time with loved ones for this??”


(Disclaimer: I am not belittling people who devote many hours to becoming great and contributing to our history- it’s awesome in a way, it’s just not a priority to me. It’s nice to realize that even though I may never accomplish anything “noteworthy” in my life, it’s exactly what I want to be doing- no regrets)