Tutu Turtle Doves- Tutus and more

All right so it’s been forever since I blogged about crafting but here goes. I decided to go ahead and launch my etsy and facebook pages for my tutus and may as well blog it up as well. Ever since I finally took the plunged and learned how to use my sewing machine I’ve been designing and executing every little thing I can come up with. From burp cloths and blankets (have you heard? I hate minky) to tutus and ruffle bloomers. I also made a couple birthday items for Bianca. For now though, my main sales product will be tutus. I’m still experimenting a lot and I have my first craft show at the end of October in Front Royal. Here’s a sampling of a few of my favorites for now, check out my facebook for more: www.facebook.com/tututurtledoves

Cupcake partial ribbon edged tutu

Rainbow ribbon edged tutu

Snow White ribbon edged tutu

Pirate Petti Tutu


A Sweet Hippo First Birthday

The birthday girl on her birthday- it’s not easy being ONE!

And, here I am at the end of birthday season (well, almost…but I don’t think Jonathan expects either a candy buffet or a nautically themed fishy hallway) finally. So, now I can maybe get in a few blogs of my girls’ birthdays this year. I’ll go backwards since the last time I tried to blog on Anya’s birthday the page crashed and I almost threw my computer =)

Our bitty baby Bianca turned one on August 24 and we had about a million celebrations the final one being her candy themed hippo party with all our friends and family (who were close enough to come!). Here is a short recap of the party.

I’ll start with the fabulous candy buffet. Everyone really seemed to enjoy visiting Bianca’s Shoppe and I love how our background evolved to include a veranda. It was a total fluke but it added just the right touch!


We picked a few…okay more than a few…types of candy and I made mixes all labeled with Birthday girl related messages- thank you to my fabulous husband for all the cricut work. I had bought the polka dotted spinwheels to make a centerpiece decoration but thought they would be fantasic as the candy inserts. When I ran out of them I grabbed one of my daughters cool straws and added it to the almond joy bucket which also looked pretty cool.Image

Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lollipop. Lollipops have become Bianca’s unofficial first birthday thing, so we had to have a lollipop tree (and wreath pictured later).

What would a party be without games? My girls look so much alike that I often look at pictures and think for a split second- hmm…is that Anya or Bianca?? And, I’m their mother! So, I decided to print pictures of each of them and have the guests try to figure out who was who. It was a lot of fun and the winner took home my rainbow dum dum wreath (have you noticed yet that we had a lot of themes going on? Candy shop, hippos, polka dots, rainbows, lollipops…am I missing any?)ImageAnd, because B’s first year has been littered with monthly pictures taken with a hippo, we had to incorporate hippos into the theme somehow, so we ordered these beautiful hippo creations from Mandy’s Cakes and Candy. Amanda was awesome to work with, her prices were reasonable, and she did a fantastic job. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for cakes in the Winchester area. All I told her was I wanted hippos and my colors and she even recreated the birthday tutu I made so the hippo and Bianca could match!ImageThe birthday girl certainly enjoyed the hippo cake…though there was not as much smashing as I would have liked. Poor little Bianca was a bit out of sorts on her birthday day. I think “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” has never applied more.

All in all, it was a fabulous party with friends and family and Jonathan and I had fun exercising our creative abilities putting it together! Here are a few more shots from the day:

My little candy helper

Our little family

Everyone enjoyed filling their lollipop bags with all the sweet treats from the buffet. We spent a long afternoon fielding “Is the candy buffet open yet?” questions from the kiddos. It was such a hit with everyone! Who doesn’t like candy??

Gotta have some food- here are some shots of guests enjoying the fabulous Patsy’s Pastry Pizza and homemade Mac ‘n cheese made by Jonathan. Oh and some sweet and sour meatballs I threw in for good measure…boy do we have leftovers!

Sisters rocking out together- the biggest smile we got all night from the birthday girl! She adores her big sister!

Made a wish now time to take a lick…or two or three!

Being the birthday girl is hard work. She passed out with daddy during the viewing of her birthday video.