I finally have an ADULT closet!

No…that is not supposed to be in the same context as “Adult Bookstore”…I just mean that my clothes are for the first time put away, in the places where they are supposed to go instead of the floor. Well, mostly my clothes have lived in the laundry room or laundry baskets. But, ever since buying various laundry containers (hampers and baskets), I have finally gotten the whole folding and putting away clothes thing down…the problem has been that I had nowhere to put the clothes after I washed them. I mean yeah- I could hang them or put them in drawers but there were never enough hangers and dressers are the place where my clothes go to die. So, finally we bit the bullet a couple months ago and ripped out all the generic plastic shelving and put in some (prefab) wooden shelves/rods from Lowes. They weren’t that expensive but they’ve made a world of difference. I also convinced my dear husband that we needed it to be pink…and so it is =) It is now my happy place- filled with rows of neatly hung or folded (okay maybe not always so neatly folded) clothes. I even recently purchased a shoe organizer that I think I may actually use! I have to say- it makes me smile to go into my closet now and best of all I can actually FIND things and it motivates me to get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in 5 years, because really, even with the renovation, my closet is just not that big (which is why the pictures are not great but you’ll get the idea!).

It’s all about the baskets. They contain clothes that would otherwise go in drawers but they’re easy to see and sort through. I love these baskets even though the whole labeling is really unnecessary since I’m the one who puts everything away and obviously I know where everything goes. I just like the way they look and I got these from Target when they were on clearance for a great price. 

I really hope this shoe organizer actually works- it seems like a good idea though. I’m putting my flats and flip flops on the outside and throwing my tennis shoes inside and lining my boots up on the floor. I’m okay with that arrangement. I don’t hang most of my long sleeved shirts so there’s even still space between this and my clothes so I don’t feel like I’m getting my clothes dirty having them right next to my shoes!

This is how my wall of hooks would look in a perfect world:

Here’s how it actually looks (but hey it’s super functional and I bought all the hooks on sale):

This is the new mirror my fabulous husband bought me for our 5 year wedding anniversary. We have never owned a full length mirror since we got married but this one was worth the wait!

Here’s what it looks like on a normal day now.

I love it and every time I reorganize something, it makes a huge impact on keeping things clean in the every day. I highly recommend getting your life organized. It just makes things so much simpler. I just did the girls’ toys and so far so good- all the toys are staying in their places and what would you know? We can actually find things when we want to play with them- what a novel idea!


3 thoughts on “I finally have an ADULT closet!

  1. Love!

    Your closet is HUGE. Mine is a big joke. Someday we’re going to get our bedroom organized and figure out a way to make our closet work. Our problem is that our rooms/closets are WAY too small for us. If we stay in our house in the future, we’re probably going to knock out a wall and turn one of the 3 bedrooms upstairs into a HUGE closet, and move one of the girls down to the basement.

    I really like the basket idea, too. I’m thinking there might be a way to make that work in my closet, too. I’d have to install one shelf near the bottom , but it could totally work.

    Thank you for inspiring me, Jamie! I’m off to do my 30 minutes of cleaning for the day! (…… which I missed yesterday… whoops! I had an anti-bullying presentation/celebration to go to at the school though!)

  2. I guess I should say it’s small for a walk in closet =) I was watching that organizing show- The Amanadas- when I did this originally months ago (but just finished the mirror and wall hooks in the last week). That show was an inspiration- it also got me to finally organize my pantry which is still going strong. Now, my sister, Alice inspired me to retackle the toys and get rid of stuff- I think I have 6 or 7 kitchen bags worth of stuff for the thrift store =)

    Good luck with your daily cleaning. I’m actually all done with my “chores” for now and just taking a break with the four year old watching Sleeping Beauty while the little one sleeps- I don’t mind if I do =)

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