Unplugging- what *is* unplugging and if it is what I think it is why on earth would anyone want to do that? It seems like every day there’s another device that makes connecting to the internet, the television (you can get cable on your phone now and netflix? Well, that’s been a godsend on doctors appointments running late and grocery trips where the list is more than “milk, eggs, bread”), and each other just a little bit easier. Heck, right now I could be writing this, listening to pandora, checking my email, texting a friend, and surfing the web all at the same times from. my. phone. It’s crazy. With all this at our fingertips it’s no wonder I sometimes find J and I both sitting side by side intently staring at our phones. Or, I find myself obsessively checking facebook or playing silly games whenever I have a lull between changing diapers and teaching Anya letters.

Sometimes, it gets overwhelming to say the least. Sure, I love being able to stay in touch with friends who I don’t see often (or in some cases never have- hello baby group friends who live all over the USA) with facebook or being able to text my best friend every day in betwixt all the chaos that is life with children. I no longer need to set aside an hour for us to chat on the phone- we can stay caught up with each other every day in the minutes here or there that we have free without setting aside a chunk of time that to be honest, neither of us really have! But, there comes a point when it just gets to be too much. In fact, I’d gotten to the point where I couldn’t sit through a whole television show without needing to be doing something else (I do often like the TV as background noise to other activities but when the phone is disrupting Downton Abbey viewing something must be done). So, I decided to give up most internet perusing/gaming on my phone for lent (along with Diet Coke- though I give that up on and off throughout the year and I usually fail pretty quickly…so far so good though..it’s been all of three days).

And, so far, it’s been…liberating. I still find myself scrolling through my phone when I’m bored (the age of information has severely damaged my attention span- and we wonder why all these people are popping up with ADD- it’s society that’s a-changing not our minds) but quickly snap out of it and shut it off. Disconnecting from facebook is another thing that has helped me focus on tasks at hand- every day this week we’ve been dressed before noon and with colds (heck even without) this is kind of an impressive feat in the Fuller household (in our defense we often don’t make it out of bed until 10 am…but I’m not sure if that’s better or worse). I do miss being able to hop on facebook and share highlights from the day or funny things the girls are saying/doing now or heck even to vent a little. But, maybe it’s not a bad thing not to document every time we eat a meal, hear a joke, or watch a movie. I’d love to say it’s giving me more time to be productive and sew or blog but really- our life is just as hectic as ever, just slightly more productive. And, I’ve found myself actually having conversations where I don’t absent mindedly nod and realize I did not hear a single thing that was just said (this mostly happens with Jonathan- though I’m not sure I’m missing much since it’s mostly when he’s talking about playing “Ingress” *eyes glazing over*=).

Lenten sacrifices are not supposed to be like a New Year’s resolution, but sometimes they do have similar benefits. Hey, fasting and giving up sweets can leave you five pounds lighter and that’s just how I feel about disconnecting even if it is only a little bit (hey, I still need to occasionally skim pinterest- how else would I find delicious recipes like chocolate peanutbutter cheesecake brownies???)- I’m emotionally and mentally 5 lbs lighter- and this is only three days in!

Saying goodbye to facebook and hello to a Valentine's celebration with my little girls.

Saying goodbye to facebook and hello to a Valentine’s celebration with my little girls.


3 thoughts on “Unplugging

  1. awww I’m glad it’s going well for you!
    I miss your little posts about how cute your girls are.

    MAYBE – if you have a spare moment, jot them down and post them on your blog all at once. “Cute things the kids said this week:”

    • Aww thank you =) There have been plenty. My favorites so far- yesterday Anya was making up beautiful (okay even as her mother there are moments when her singing drives me nutty- it’s the same things over and over and…) songs and Bianca started singing with her. It was sooo cute. Today, I was trying the snow white dress on B and my parents came over and my mom told Bianca she had a cute dress on, B immediately started holding the skirt of her dress out and spinning around in a circle to show it off. ❤ They make my heart melt. I'll be popping into facebook tomorrow and will take a peek to see how your A and M are doing =)

      • Ahh! Why did I not get a notice that you replied? Gragh!

        ANYWAY! Cute stories! The dress one is adorable! The only thing of note that Miranda did today was manage to fall on her head. On the tile floor. *smh* She’s got the last of her first molars coming through right now, so she’s just a tiny, slobbery, snotty mess.

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