Sew Weird…

One of these days I’ll get around to posting some ramblings about my newest hobby but tonight is not that night. Instead, I’ll just share a totally random occurrence. I recently completed this dress for my little Snow White:
photo (4)

Now, I really should have shortened this dress by quite a bit and chopped a few inches (or feet?) off the sides but other than that I do indeed think it turned out pretty perfect for my search for the perfect princess pattern.

Anyway to make a short story long, I was looking at sewing blogs tonight (have yet to find one I’m really interested in subscribing to but I digress) and I stumbled across this: Well, what do you know? It’s written by the same person who made my Snow White dress pattern. I really want to ask her what on earth possessed her to put two skirts on that dress- it weighs as much as Bianca does! I’ll probably keep thought thoughts to myself- I’m already considering some fun alterations to make it work for some of the other princesses. If you didn’t know- we’re going to Disney World in two months and I plan to have complete princess wardrobes for my little princesses by then.


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