Learning- Stitch by Stitch

I’ve been thinking a lot about sewing lately (obviously) and thought I’d post a blog about how I started sewing and what my first projects were.

First, while you tube has definitely changed the game- the easiest way to learn anything is still to be shown in person and thenpractice, practice, practice. I signed up to have a one hour session with a sewing instructor- she turned out to be a sweet little 18 or 19 year old Mennonite (I’m guessing I didn’t ask) girl at a quilting and repair shop near my parent’s house. It was so inexpensive- maybe $20 an hour or less. But, compared to the sewing classes offered by joann’s or hobby lobby, it was a real steal since I was paying less or the same per class for one on one attention and I only ended up using two sessions. Now, you could eliminate this cost by getting a lesson or two from your favorite sewer in your life. But, I’d been saying I was going to do the latter for years and never had. In fact, as my first session approached I considered canceling as it was- I mean really- who has time for a hobby whenyou have an almost 1 and almost 4 year old? But, I went. The first session she showed me how to use my machine. Once you learn to thread it- you can officially sew something. I started with burp cloths. Four straight lines, some ironing, and some top stitching and you’re done (I make these with flannel and chenille fabric- softest burp cloths ever). Image

The next session, she taught me how to read a pattern. I made my first finished product with a pattern. It was a little confusing and not perfect but I’ve found that most patterns by mccalls are pretty easy to follow and straightforward. I would like to place a warning here- DO NOT get simplicity. Whatever you do, avoid them like the plague. I have several patterns and they are just confusing, not well written but most of all- not cut well.


It’s been a lot of trial and error and I’m still learning every day but I have also now made two pillowcase dresses and one for Anya’s baby doll, two simple dresses for my girls for easter, and the ruffled Snow White dress I blogged about recently. I’m now working on a ruffle dress for Anya but I started making it in size 5 and it’s way too big so I’m having to redo the bodice (trial and error can sometimes mean a lot of stitch ripping and restitching!). I’ll blog about all those if I ever get around to it.

Happy stitching!


2 thoughts on “Learning- Stitch by Stitch

    • Yep- me too! Just finally getting to repiecing it. Still haven’t put back in the hand stitched parts (it’ll give me more practice mastering the slip stitch) and it’s still not fitting as perfectly as I’d like- I think I would have preferred if the pattern had included ties like most dresses for kiddos do! But, it’s at least closer and maybe once the button holes are in??

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