Happy Birthday Mom!!!



70s??? 80s??


Imagine my surprise and excitement when I opened the weather report and saw that it was 64 today and into the 70s and 80s over the next week. Now, considering I had just been outside for a walk in the chilly wind I should have realized there was something wrong with that picture but it took a second for my hopes to be dashed when I realized it was the weather for Orlando. Sigh. Our weather? 40s and below and possibly snow on the horizon. Talk about disappointment!

We just got back from a walk around the neighborhood. It’s interesting how much windier it is at the bottom of the hill versus the mild wind at the top of the neighborhood. Brrr! But this brings me to my key thought as I pushed almost 60 lbs of kids in my 10ish pound double stroller up two steep hills, I sure hope Disney world is pretty flat! I was winded by the top of the big hill and had to stop a couple times around the first cul de sac, which has a pretty steep dip but is, at least, short. This walk has been a couple weeks coming but between the frigid temperatures and one sickness after the other, the Fullers have been mostly housebound. Now, to get out a couple times a week to “train” for all the walking coming up on our vacation- they say you can walk about 50 miles in a week at Disney…not sure I believe that number but I’m sure there will be enough that a little bit of prep wouldn’t hurt!

But, I really hope it warms up soon because that was a chilly walk ending with a couple of little icyc-kiddos. We ended the outing with some hot chocolate and Nilla wafers. Now back to hibernating for the rest of the day!


Crunches or Cranes?

Jonathan is putting shelves in one of our closets. In the process of cleaning it out, Bianca discovered my cane from when I had knee surgery. Soon there were shrieks and bumps from sibling squabbling over it. Luckily, Bianca lost interest quickly and Anya came thumping into the room. I asked her what she was doing to which she replied “Is this a crunch or a crane??” Ah to be four.

In other news she just announced to Jonathan: “I’m going to keep my eye on you in case you cheat!!” We’re getting ready to play wildlife bingo- I’m sure daddy has been highly discouraged from his plans of cheating…


I was talking to Anya earlier and she would love to have an Ariel dress Image

Well, since I’m in need of a new project I want to take it on. But, no one pattern is really perfect except this simplicity one (third dress down on left): but uh…I hate simplicity..okay I only tried one pattern so maybe it’s time to try again?

My other options are: this Kwik Sew dress. Or a combo of that dress or the simplicity dress (the top) and this Vogue skirt bottom. I’m not sure how successful I’d be at combining dresses. What to do? What to do?

Any more experienced sewers have suggestions/in put? In other news I finished a Briar Rose dress for Anya…it’s still a little big on the top but ah what can you do- for future reference- little A is still a size 4 in dresses even if the tall one has moved into 5s in length for a lot of things!

Excuse the messy hair and the iphone photo- this was the day after a brush with a stomach bug =)

Excuse the messy hair and the iphone photo- this was the day after a brush with a stomach bug =)