Crunches or Cranes?

Jonathan is putting shelves in one of our closets. In the process of cleaning it out, Bianca discovered my cane from when I had knee surgery. Soon there were shrieks and bumps from sibling squabbling over it. Luckily, Bianca lost interest quickly and Anya came thumping into the room. I asked her what she was doing to which she replied “Is this a crunch or a crane??” Ah to be four.

In other news she just announced to Jonathan: “I’m going to keep my eye on you in case you cheat!!” We’re getting ready to play wildlife bingo- I’m sure daddy has been highly discouraged from his plans of cheating…


One thought on “Crunches or Cranes?

  1. lol too cute. That sounds like a question Allison would ask. 🙂
    How did the shelves end up working out?

    In other news, I downloaded the trial version of WOW and started a Panda…. lol

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