70s??? 80s??


Imagine my surprise and excitement when I opened the weather report and saw that it was 64 today and into the 70s and 80s over the next week. Now, considering I had just been outside for a walk in the chilly wind I should have realized there was something wrong with that picture but it took a second for my hopes to be dashed when I realized it was the weather for Orlando. Sigh. Our weather? 40s and below and possibly snow on the horizon. Talk about disappointment!

We just got back from a walk around the neighborhood. It’s interesting how much windier it is at the bottom of the hill versus the mild wind at the top of the neighborhood. Brrr! But this brings me to my key thought as I pushed almost 60 lbs of kids in my 10ish pound double stroller up two steep hills, I sure hope Disney world is pretty flat! I was winded by the top of the big hill and had to stop a couple times around the first cul de sac, which has a pretty steep dip but is, at least, short. This walk has been a couple weeks coming but between the frigid temperatures and one sickness after the other, the Fullers have been mostly housebound. Now, to get out a couple times a week to “train” for all the walking coming up on our vacation- they say you can walk about 50 miles in a week at Disney…not sure I believe that number but I’m sure there will be enough that a little bit of prep wouldn’t hurt!

But, I really hope it warms up soon because that was a chilly walk ending with a couple of little icyc-kiddos. We ended the outing with some hot chocolate and Nilla wafers. Now back to hibernating for the rest of the day!



5 thoughts on “70s??? 80s??

  1. Brrr! You won’t catch me out walking until April! (Except maybe last April, when it snowed on April 20th!!!)

    It wouldn’t shock me if you walked 50 miles in a week at Disney. I hope it doesn’t come to that though. Ouch! Your legs!

    Take advantage of nap time and work on some cardio! YouTube videos! lol

    Stay warm! (It’s 26* right now – “feels like 14* – and snowed last night. Yuck!)

    • Ick. It actually didn’t feel too bad out- my heavy coat was in the wash too so I was out in a sweat shirt and once I got walking everything except maybe my hands was pretty warm…if it wasn’t for the wind. I am doing Chalean extreme sporadically right now but just the weights mostly- cardio is boring since I have to keep the intensity low for my knee. I’ve really been lazy this winter though so I need to get on the walking etc or I’m really going to be hurting on our vacay. I’ve also gained 4-5 pounds so I need to work that off too!

      • I hate cardio, too.
        The only cardio I do is BodyPump, which is just weight lifting.
        But the way you lift brings up your heart rate and counts as cardio. 🙂

        I bet you could find it on YouTube and use hand weights instead of a barbell weight. My size 4 women’s pants don’t fit me anymore, nor do my size 5 juniors jeans, since I’ve been doing so well with the body pump. (Of course, I haven’t gone in a month… *sighs* Maybe tomorrow….)

      • So wait they’re too big? I hate you 😉 the only size fours I own are from the loft…I am now pretty firmly in a size six and have some jeans that are 5/6 but I need to break my donut habit and cut out the regular soda I’ve been using to replace my diet coke habit. I’m not sure I can give up the diet coke completely but I’ve only had two (on Sundays) since lent.

      • lol Yep. BUT I’ve also been SO sick this season… it hasn’t been nice. I went a whole week where I ate nothing but one single bowl of honey nut cheerios each day!!!

        Cutting soda probably really helped me! I’m drinking just water these days and I feel great! I switched from Diet Coke to Diet Caffeine Free Coke after M was born because regular Diet Coke tasted funny and then I realized that neither actually tasted GOOD anymore…. so it actually made it pretty easy to do… lol

        As for jeans, I only shop at Kohl’s and only when I have a 30% discount to put on top of the regular sales! lol

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