Hello, Goodbye

I don’t know which to start with first but I guess since the goodbye is the more significant and the hello happier, I’ll start with the sad and end with the glad.


We said goodbye to our first baby on Tuesday. To give a little background, when Jonathan and I met I was dying for a little “purse” dog. After we became engaged, he found out someone who owed him quite a bit of money, had some little yorkies for sale and she wanted to exchange one for erasure of some of her debt. He went to the breeder and picked out the sweetest, cutest little female pup you could imagine. It was love at first sight for all of us.


Roo has always been a bit of a handful. As a baby, she used to cry if you didn’t hold her in your sleep. In fact, while living with daddy for a short time (we traded her on and off until we got married several months later), she used to sit in her bed and whine until he put his hand in her bed for her to snuggle with. Over the past 6 years, she has been a little bundle of love. She has always wanted to be cuddled close and given lots of attention. She’s been the “big” dog in the house, stealing from her sisters’ bowls and growling at them if they (goodness forbid!) even looked at their own food. 


About two years ago we took Roo to the vet because she was crying all the time and acting like she was in pain. After tests, x-rays, and several exams, it was finally determined that Roo had a degenerative spine condition that was causing her a lot of discomfort and to lose some of the use of her back legs and tail. We managed her pain with some puppy medicine and took her to the chiropractor and she improved a little- she could wag her tail again- yay! But, she has never been the same since. The vet told us that the condition could worsen at any time for any reason. 


Unfortunately, “any time” happened last Tuesday. Even though it was a long time coming (Roo has been deteriorating a lot over the past year), it was still a shock when it happened. There were a lot of tears and sadness at our house that night for sure. I’m not sure any other puppy will ever match up to those 2 lbs of furry sweetness. We said our last goodbyes Wednesday night as we buried her at Camp Kreitzer. At least she will never be far away and certainly never out of our hearts.

In brighter news, we recently added a little fluffball to our home and she has been in high demand with two little girls. Her name is Marshmallow.



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