Home-Making It

Organic. It’s in. Just an FYI in case you didn’t know. So is doing it yourself. And, sewing. And, pinterest. And, facebook- oh no wait my niece and nephew say “facebook is for old people” – gah when did I become “old people?” Anyway, my point is- I’m jumping on the bandwagon full force. I even gave up my diet coke and Land O lakes whipped cream in favor of organic lemonade and raw milk. What is the world coming to?????

For the record I no longer use cooking spray or dryer sheets because I read somewhere once that they’re bad for you…and also soon to be giving up k-cups- they kill too…gosh- are we going to die someday? I guess mostly I’m bored and I’m having fun eliminating superfluous things from my life- plus my grocery list is getting much shorter- but I digress.


The point of this post is to share with you my newfound LOVE of making my own laundry detergent, baking soda carpet freshener, lotion…basically anything that you could possibly add essential oils to. It smells so good and the best part is that I don’t have to worry about breaking out in a rash due to who knows what (I have sensitive skin- it’s fun) and if I do at least I could narrow it down pretty quick! 


Here’s the basic recipe I use for the laundry detergent:

1 part borax
1 part washing soda
1 part baking soda

Mix well. Add essential oils or fragrances to taste. For about 3 cups of detergent, I probably use 10-20 drops.

There are millions of recipes on the internet but they all pretty much contain these three ingredients (some have either baking soda or washing soda but I like using both- washing soda is supposed to be a little harsher so I like diluting it a little). I skip grating soap because well…who has time? Not to mention, it’s a nice thought but is it really necessary? No. I’ll tell you what *is* necessary. The fragrance/oils. It just feels so…homemade- in the bad 90s “my mom made me this hideous unique sweater vest” kind of way- until you add the scent. I originally couldn’t find any essential oil for what I felt was a good price, so ended up buying a starter pack on amazon which ran me about $3 a bottle. That’s not at all a bad price, except that out of the six scents I liked two (liked is a little strong- I wasn’t in love with lemongrass either, orange was good though). So, don’t be like me, buy it here instead. I absolutely LOVE the citrus essential oils and their myriad of B&Bworks copy cat fragrances. Pink Sugar and Cashmere Glow are my two favorites.


My favorite essential oil blend so far has been what I like to call Candy Crush (partly in reference to my addiction to the game): 5 drops pink grapefruit, 5-10 drops lime, 5 drops sweet orange per cup of homemade detergent. It’s edible. Mmmmm. 

Speaking of laundry, if you’re going to go the all natural laundry detergent way and save yourself tons on detergent, you may as well ditch the dryer sheets too. I found this Etsy shop who sells super inexpensive but still high quality wool dryer balls. I bought some scents from a Happy Green Life to make my laundry smell edible too but you could just use the same scents you bought to scent your detergent.


On top of all the fun I’ve been having, homemade goods make fun gifts. I made this basket full of goodies for my friend’s housewarming present.



3 thoughts on “Home-Making It

  1. What fun! I love that you named it Candy Crush!!! It does sound delish. I just hope it’s not as addicting as the game! (I’m a recovering addict!)

    Question though: How much laundry detergent do you add per load? How does it do on the tough messes that kids make? I’m a big time Dreft user (OK, Target generic Dreft!) and haven’t been able to bring myself to make my own detergent… yet.

    Also, your basket is adorable 🙂 The BEST gift I got when I got married (it was a bridal shower gift) was a laundry basket full of cleaning supplies!!! I’ve since gone mostly organic, as you are, and typically just use vinegar/water for cleaning, but I’m working my way through finishing off the cleaning products we were given… 6 years ago :\ (Is that a sign that I need to clean more often???)

    • Did I forget to include that detail??? You use 2 tbsp per load (I got little 1/8 c coffee scoops from the dollar tree that are the perfect size, 2 for a $) and I have not had any problems getting food etc out- I’ve been using it for a couple months so not super long term but long enough I think to test it. The clothes come out smelling clean but not really scented until you put them through the dryer with your scented wool balls.

      I have some non-organic cleaners around the house too but generally I use highly diluted Mrs. Meyers- I know it’s not organic but it smells so good. I use vinegar for everything. It is a natural fabric softener especially if you have hard water (we do) so I throw it in every load. I’ve also found that hydrogen peroxide (super cheap as well) has a million uses too! As for the laundry detergent- using the scents is a make it or break it thing I think because I made this once about a year ago and was not at all hooked- I was indifferent about it and used it up but never remade it. BTW you can use washing soda and/or borax to clean a lot of things around the house as well- toilets, garbage disposals, dishwashers. And, baking soda also can be used to scrub showers and bathtubs and sinks. I’m currently obsessed with using it to freshen our carpets. Good luck if you switch =)

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