Another One Bites the Dust


Poor bug got sick right in the middle of her fire station field trip. I’m not sure anyone was particularly excited about that- luckily she made it to the bathroom.

So today, I think I’m going to kick my feet up and just wait for the sickness to pass so I can start on another round of disinfecting. This is the weirdest, longest sickness ever (started over a week ago and is picking us off one by one- I’m last- eeek) and I don’t think I’ve ever done so much laundry.

I’ll leave you with this puzzle: how many days does it take Costco bananas to turn from green to yellow?


We’re on day 8. I’m betting it goes straight from green to brown- which reminds me why I don’t usually but bananas from Costco. And, what do they do to them to make them remain in a state of perma-green???


Even on a Sick Day…

I’m taking advantage of all I can get done before I, too, succumb to the illness (please no!). So, Instead of taking a day off from my 40 day challenge, I tackled the pantry. It really wasn’t *that* messy but I still managed to throw away a garbage bag filled with (very) expired food (that makes me sad) and I finally said goodbye to my hoarded pile of plastic bags. Ever since I redid the pantry though even my mess isn’t *that* bad. Do you remember the before before? Yeah, that was bad. Day 6: done!


While I was still thinking there was no way I would get to decluttering for the day, I decided something I could do that was also useful would be uploading pictures to print. I’m the midst of this process I realized mpix was having a 25% off prints sale. So, I edited and sorted through my pictures for updated ones. I can’t wait to redo my wall of pictures. Here are a few of my favorites.

Majestic in Woodstock- A on Easter 2014

Majestic in Woodstock- A on Easter 2014

Little wild thing at 7 months

Little wild thing at 7 months

Sunset on the outer banks

Sunset on the outer banks

All B

All B

It’s Monday!

This is my view this morning:


Poor baby bug was up all night sick so it’s a low key kind of day for us!

Yesterday was a “rest” day for the 40 day challenge but I still managed to do a little organizing. I got about 1/2 a bag full of outgrown clothes that I don’t want to save and some more to be sorted for storage (this is going to be a huge task- one that I’m not fond of either :/).

J put the chandelier up in our bathroom and I think it looks pretty good- ignore the spackle spots the paint needs another coat and those spots needed a little sanding.


I’m not feeling super motivated today so we shall see if I use this as my rest day instead. Feeling like this has been a long winter already with *someone* constantly sick. I’m ready for the sun!

Playing Catch Up

I thought I’d do my bag posts every couple days instead of every day so here’s my progress on my first half week of the #40bagsin40days challenge.

Day 2: major area decluttered: trunks in family room. I organized and folded all baby accessories and got rid of things I don’t plan to use for future babies. The coffee table trunk was filled with table cloths and some homeschooling stuff that I don’t plan to use any more. Other area decluttered: vanity/makeup drawer. That bag is filled with old makeup and other junk that’s not give-away worthy. Looking at my “after” picture of my drawer it’s hard to believe I got rid of so much!


Day 3: major area decluttered: foyer closet. We had a play date with friends and planned to go straight after to visit with Grandma and Paka at the Lenten soup kitchen and stations of the cross. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t get to my bag for the day. But, I decided to just dig in while visiting with my friend and I managed to send her home with our rarely used play doh.


Day 4: major area decluttered: (teeny tiny) linen closet. This bag is going to the basement since the only things to be removed were the flat sheets I never use but will make good drop cloths for all the future painting projects. You’d have thought with the girls gone I’d have had lots of time to tackle clutter but Mr M missed his little playmates and I was helping with the bathroom painting project when I got a second so the only other thing I did was to spring clean the sheets and finally learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet. I also actually made the bed which only happens oh once a year…maybe ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ve really been enjoying keeping up my end of the challenge. Even though I didn’t really succeed in ridding my house of anything today, it’s still cleaner and more organized and that is the ultimate goal. Plus, we got the first coat painted on the bathroom walls. Now, if the snow lets up we will be able to get cabinet paint and paint for the trim (we planned to do the trim first but didn’t realize we were out of white paint) and finally finish (most of) the bathroom project soon!

Let it snow!

He’s an only child this morning!


Big sisters are playing in the snow with grandma and Paka (they had a sleepover-surprisingly B was more excited about the prospect than A who was a little sad to be away from mama).


And, we’re working on this mess (fyi I’m really bad at taking before photos so this is really a um half way through photo..



How are you spending your snowy day??

The next best thing..

To decluttering??? Recluttering…with amazing deals on really cool stuff.

So, for some reason, Facebook fasting and thrift store/antique hunting seem to go hand in hand. Though to be fair, this year the antiquing preceded the reduction of Facebook time. But here I am with an itch to get my hands on a new project (like I needed one with my current bathroom renovation and plans to update our kitchen/living room). As such, I’ve been spending a lot of time in thrift stores and little flea markets. It doesn’t hurt that I live in old awesome people land where little antique shops abound and even the run of the mill thrift stores are brimming with treasures.

Today, I was taking bags to the thrift store from day 3 in my 40 day decluttering challenge (don’t worry I have pictures for another post on another day for that) and I noticed a tiny little red school desk sitting outside just waiting for a homeschooler to snatch it up. They wanted $15, I offered $10. It’s now in the back of my van. Well, at least I got rid of a closet full of random junk before buying something new- to me. And, it has a purpose. Win so far. Here’s where I got myself in trouble- when I decided I was in the mood to browse the thrift stores on the way to stations of the cross.

That’s where I found this.


For $200 $150. I looked at it for a few minutes. Sent J a text saying how cool it was but way too huge. Then, I went to casually ask if it was half price since it had a red line through the original price. Nope, but they’d see if the seller would be willing to take less for it. They came back at $125. I said nah I didn’t need it- too much. But, as I was walking around the place next door and buying this


(It’s pristine inside for $7. If you’ve seen the tattered ones at the local emporium for $30 you’d understand my excitement. This is old random suitcase #2 for me- ask me why? I don’t know.)

I was still thinking about the hutch. I love it. I called back to the other place and offered $100- they took it…I should have offered $75 ๐Ÿ™‚ but really at $125 it was a steal so $100 it is. Now, what to do with it? I’m sure the dark wood is someone’s style right? But, not mine. I’m a little nervous to paint it though. There is something beautiful about the dark wood (and it is wood not veneer). What would you do??

While you ponder that, let me show you a couple of my other great finds lately.


This chandelier was my Valentine’s Day present from J this year and will be hanging above my soaking tub because everyone needs a vintage chandelier in their bathroom (now so glad I didn’t buy that one on clearance from lowes a couple months ago!!)


This awesome funky lantern that will be going in my redecorated family room- it’s even more awesome when the light shines through it. It still works but this gem is definitely vintage and the wiring shows it so rewiring it is on J’s “honey do list.”


I found this worn chest in the “as is” room at the Strasburg emporium (have you been there? No. It’s a must go to for antiquing- it can be pricey but I’ve scored many a deal there). It said $15. I offered $10 and got it for $13.50.

(Side note: Can you tell I like to haggle? I got it from my Daddy- he use to take me to negotiate for a huge live Christmas tree every Christmas Eve- one year he (jokingly) scolded me for being over eager about a tree because it messed up his ability to get the price down. I cried. But, I learned a valuable lesson about negotiating prices and it’s a very very fond memory.)

Anyway, back to the chest. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it but…for $13.50 I couldn’t say no. It needs a little TLC but I think it will be a really cool piece to go with my random eclectic decorating style.

A few last things that I didn’t buy but I kind of wish I did.






There are a couple of things I’m thinking of going back for like the little wood flower pictures. Okay, J thinks they’re pretty, you know, except for the whole wood thing (face palm). But, mostly I’m sitting here wondering what to do with the hutch? I’m not the type to display pretty plates and stuff so I intend to use it as functional (semi-functional?) storage. Maybe a book case with toy storage underneath? And, to paint it with chalk paintor maybe it’s time to test out milk paint?? And what color? I can’t wait to see what I decide ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Thursday!

I’m not going to post my bags for today because well, I’m not finished clearing out everything (so far today I’ve done both of my storage trunks in the living room though and homeschooled and made dinner in the crockpot- win). But, I thought everyone could use a dose of Wild Thing so here he is!