Playing Catch Up

I thought I’d do my bag posts every couple days instead of every day so here’s my progress on my first half week of the #40bagsin40days challenge.

Day 2: major area decluttered: trunks in family room. I organized and folded all baby accessories and got rid of things I don’t plan to use for future babies. The coffee table trunk was filled with table cloths and some homeschooling stuff that I don’t plan to use any more. Other area decluttered: vanity/makeup drawer. That bag is filled with old makeup and other junk that’s not give-away worthy. Looking at my “after” picture of my drawer it’s hard to believe I got rid of so much!


Day 3: major area decluttered: foyer closet. We had a play date with friends and planned to go straight after to visit with Grandma and Paka at the Lenten soup kitchen and stations of the cross. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t get to my bag for the day. But, I decided to just dig in while visiting with my friend and I managed to send her home with our rarely used play doh.


Day 4: major area decluttered: (teeny tiny) linen closet. This bag is going to the basement since the only things to be removed were the flat sheets I never use but will make good drop cloths for all the future painting projects. You’d have thought with the girls gone I’d have had lots of time to tackle clutter but Mr M missed his little playmates and I was helping with the bathroom painting project when I got a second so the only other thing I did was to spring clean the sheets and finally learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet. I also actually made the bed which only happens oh once a year…maybe 🙂


I’ve really been enjoying keeping up my end of the challenge. Even though I didn’t really succeed in ridding my house of anything today, it’s still cleaner and more organized and that is the ultimate goal. Plus, we got the first coat painted on the bathroom walls. Now, if the snow lets up we will be able to get cabinet paint and paint for the trim (we planned to do the trim first but didn’t realize we were out of white paint) and finally finish (most of) the bathroom project soon!


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