It’s Monday!

This is my view this morning:


Poor baby bug was up all night sick so it’s a low key kind of day for us!

Yesterday was a “rest” day for the 40 day challenge but I still managed to do a little organizing. I got about 1/2 a bag full of outgrown clothes that I don’t want to save and some more to be sorted for storage (this is going to be a huge task- one that I’m not fond of either :/).

J put the chandelier up in our bathroom and I think it looks pretty good- ignore the spackle spots the paint needs another coat and those spots needed a little sanding.


I’m not feeling super motivated today so we shall see if I use this as my rest day instead. Feeling like this has been a long winter already with *someone* constantly sick. I’m ready for the sun!


3 thoughts on “It’s Monday!

  1. That chandelier is GORGEOUS! I’d like to see a photo with more of the room, to get a better sense. You do have fabulous style.

    I hope baby is feeling better now. 😦

    And you’re inspiring me to CLEAN and PURGE! Ugh, my house is a disaster. It’s hard when I’m the only one willing to do any of the cleaning/organizing and I’m also the one with the busiest schedule. (Working from home does NOT free up any time!!!!)

    • Do it! The 40 day challenge is fun because you can do a huge leaf bag (or 10) full of clutter or just a ziplock baggy’s worth and it doesn’t matter because the point is to just clean/make small progress.

      I feel you on being the only one on organizing. It’s just not a dominant male trait I don’t think. Organizing/purging/finding a purpose for everything I own gives me huge satisfaction whereas J only does it because I bug him (though I do think he feels more comfortable after it’s done). I’ll tell you this though- the reason my house has so many hot spots right now is in large part due to being pregnant/having a newborn/homeschooling. You can’t do it all and organizing is a lot of work especially when you have kids and a husband who like to unorganize right behind you 🙂

      • I think taking on the 40 Day Bag Challenge would be setting myself up for failure, but if I can successfully do about 15 minutes of purging every day or two I’ll consider it a win. Already my office looks SO much better! (I posted pix on FB earlier today.)

        Ugh. I know Eric would LIKE things nicer and cleaner, but I think he’s just completely overwhelmed. What kills me is that part of the problem is he wouldn’t let me get rid of any of the kid toys after A because we could keep the for the next kid. Well…. most of them never made it out of storage for M! Ahhh! Oh well, we’re slowly making progress. At the end of summer I loaded the back of my van SUPER full and took it to Goodwill, all of the stuff that didn’t sell in our garage sale over 2 years time.

        I don’t know how you survive homeschooling. I savor that time when A is in school. I’ll be a little sad when M starts Kindergarten in 1.5 years though because I have to go back to working more than weekends. 😦 I don’t have the patience to homeschool my kids though.

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