I’ve got kids…they’re multiplying

Added a few to my brood this afternoon. Enjoying this little bit of sun in the back yard 🙂  


And, we’re in the home stretch to little man’s first birthday and I finished his banner (each of his sisters has one so he must- have yet to make him a flag though…)!  



One More Week

Until the first anniversary of the day I gave birth to my wild thing- otherwise known as his birthday. However, I call it an anniversary because it marks one year breastfeeding for us. I have struggled so hard with feeding all of my babies and the first two ended up on formula pretty early on. This time, I stuck it out through the hard times. I’ve loved staring into little adoring eyes as he sleepily nursed at bedtime and I haven’t loved so much the baby acrobatics at distracted “mealtimes” (and the biting- oh the biting!). It’s fitting, though, as I head to this milestone for us (to be honest more for me than even for baby M as he would be just as content on bottles even if breastmilk is best), I got the following note from our waitress at dinner tonight: 


I have never been shamed for breastfeeding in public but it was still nice to get recognition and acceptance for doing what’s best for both me and my baby. I have to admit- it made me tear up a bit. I can’t believe my baby is turning one- what a year it’s been!

And, here’s the little wild thing on his first train ride:  



Color Me Blue

Or is it Gray? Well, whichever it is- it’s painted! Here’s a sneak peek. I’ll be doing a bigger before and after post later. But for now-  

 Ta da! Goodbye dark orange and very very bright yellow! This picture doesn’t actually show how blue this color actually is in person but it’s beautiful. Can’t wait to get working on the foyer. I may be crazy but I’m even thinking of painting our front door pink on the inside to match the outside. I saw a pretty inner foyer door in a bright color on Pinterest and well if I don’t like it I can always paint it back 🙂  

Oh and here’s my slow progress on my 40 day challenge..yeah I did that before the painting project kicked me out of our house..


A Boy’s Best Friend

We’ve vacated our house to give the painters room to work without interruption…yep that’s right- the painters are painting the kitchen and family room. I’m so excited to see how it turns out. For the moment though, we’re escaping to Camp Kreitzer for a visit with the grandparents and our Taya dog (they watched us for us while max was arriving and she decided she preferred the wide open spaces to town living). 

M has finally decided he’s a fan (however, he still does not love getting licked in the face).

Through our painting process I have learned a couple things. 

One, paint swatches and online pictures really can’t give you any reliable idea of how it will look in your house- you have to buy samples. (I’ve known this for a while but there were a couple colors I checked out online that turned out completely different in person). 

Two, you can color match and get 99 cent sample paints at Ace Hardware to test out colors without paying $3-7 for a pint (I wish I’d discovered this earlier). This was very helpful since I had such a hard time settling on a color and actually ended up choosing the last 99 cent color that I threw in as an afterthought. 

Three, Home Depot will not color match in their highest grade of paint (marquee). And, I think J may have learned something here- always call the spouse before making paint purchases. He had them mixing the paint in the next highest paint when I talked to him and we decided to go with the Benjamin Moore paint. I was not super happy with the bottom of the line Behr paint we used in the bathroom and was concerned about the finish of the cheaper paint. 

Now, to give a sneak peak at our colors? We picked Wedgwood Gray for our family room and kitchen.

It looks like it has a greenish tint doesn’t it? It doesn’t. It’s blue gray. It’s a darker color than my original choice of Glass Slipper and it has a lot more gray. And, for the foyer we picked a lighter blue gray called Light French Gray 

See how gray that sample looks? It’s very blue on the walls. So really this is no indication of the real color. Here’s a picture of it in someone’s house. See how much bluer it looks even there? 

Can’t wait to show you our own results of our renovation. I also made a decision on some of the curtains for the kitchen though window treatments for the family room as still to be determined. 

A little here and there

We’ve been busy the last couple days with homeschool co-op, visiting with Grandma and Paka, and the beautiful weather, which has kept us out of doors. As such, I haven’t devoted a lot of time to my decluttering. But, even a few minutes here and there help. Neither of these projects took more than 15 minutes and neither makes a huge difference but they were things I wanted to get done none the less and they’re one more check off the to do list. 

First, I tackled the master bathroom cabinets. It wasn’t hard because I already knew what I needed to try away and most of the other stff just needed to be stacked better.

My second project was M’s toy corner. I never want to wish for a day when I my home won’t be cluttered with Legos and Barbies. When I won’t be tripping over baby walkers and toy shopping carts. So, I’ve decided I just  need to find creative and attractive ways to store them. We haven’t succeeded in this quest all over the house but at least the family room is live able. 

While we were browsing the antique stores this weekend, we found this trunk (I had seen it before actually since it was at the Emporium which is close to my house). We all know how I love trunks. Well, this is actually just a trunk bottom and so I thought would make an awesome toy box once we cleaned it up (screws were sticking out and there was a very rusty lock which J cleaned up by soaking it in a white vinegar/citrus acid mixture). And, I do have to say it’s a pretty cool piece and I can think of a dozen uses for post toys. 

You can’t see in this picture but I did remove a bags worth of baby toys to store I the basement and a handful to give away. 

I’m also thinking of spray painting some old animal cracker bins to look like Lego heads instead of spending the $25 a pop on them at the store. If I ever tackle that project, I’ll post it here 🙂 

A First or Two…

M had his first real trip to the park to play- he enjoyed his first baby swing ride and a couple trips down the slide. 

He also enjoyed a yummy chocolate chip cookie from Grandma’s kitchen. Which one do you think he enjoyed more?? 

Note in the background the wall color- we’re still in the process of settling on our final selection. Okay really we settled (or I hope so because we just purchased 3 gallons of Benjamin Moore paint and it wasn’t cheap!). More about that later 🙂