Artful Tuesday 

Today is our homeschool co-op day. I taught a lesson on an intro to the five senses with a concentration on the sense of touch. It was a lot of fun feeling different things without looking at them and trying to guess what they were. A even guessed the coral from daddy’s fish tank. There was also a pinecone than felt “pinecone-y” and some bubble wrap that everyone wanted to pop. Here is our senses coloring sheet. 

 Please take a moment to ooh and ahh over my amazing stick figure drawing skills. Thank you 🙂 there was a boy version but my boy wasn’t old enough to color one so this will have to do. 

We are busy getting ready for St. Patrick’s day at our house. I made a banner (should have stuck with just shades of green but at least it’s springy?) and the kiddos and I made stained glass rainbows out of tissue paper and contact paper. It was a lot of fun. They didn’t hang as well as I would have liked but such is life. 

Maybe for my next project I’ll actually get back to focusing on decluttering! But, since we have two estimates incoming for repainting our entire first floor that seems doubtful.


2 thoughts on “Artful Tuesday 

  1. Too cute! I wondered if you found the coloring senses sheets online or something. You did a nice job drawing them! I wish I had that patience for little kids crafts. I am planning on “hidden treasure” bottles at Allison’s birthday party next month. Empty water bottles with sand and the kids will get to add beads, glitter and other trinkets, then have fun shifting the sand to find their treasures. We’ll also glue ribbons and maybe puff paint on the outsides of the bottles.

    • Aww that sounds fun! I love craft stuff which is why my sticker etc stockpile takes up a whole corner of my family room. A shares my love of crafting, B just sits near us and tries to glue her hands together 🙂

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