Another bag another day!

Finally got back to my 40 bags in 40 days challenge. Cleaned out the hall closet (again- I feel like I just did this so my before in this picture is actually more like a during- which is scary, I mean awesome:). I got rid of a whole bag of stuff and another whole bag of garbage- I had a lot of ruined gift bags). A lot of this project included finding better homes for things so I moved a lot of big toys into the closet, out of the playroom and put the extra laundry baskets back in the laundry room. I will be moving a lot more stuff out of the playroom to give us more space. The toys with wheels belong outside anyway! 

We also got a quote today for painting our whole first floor and foyer. He was pretty reasonable but we have a second quote coming tomorrow. I’m still debating colors but my first choice for the family room and kitchen is Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments. I’m trying to decide if I just want to do the whole first floor that color or to pick a light warm gray for the foyer and hallway. And, do I want the dining room blue or gray? And, what about the bathroom?? I am so indecisive so this process might be a while in progress. If anyone has color suggestions/input, I’m taking opinions! 


3 thoughts on “Another bag another day!

  1. That color looks AMAZING. I love how clean it is without being straight white.
    Without walking through your house I can give no advice past that on colors though.
    I think I might steal it for my house though *hehe* My kitchen/entry are this lightish, almost mint, green. I hate it. We used it because my in-laws had left over from their kitchen when we moved in 2009. I was thinking of going with a bright aqua/teal color, but I’m kinda feeling the light pastels lately.

    Also, today I worked on organizing my kitchen cupboards. I purged many coffee mugs because we don’t drink coffee. I kept 4 for hot cocoa on the rare occasions we drink it! I also pulled out all the drink flavoring because we’re straight water drinkers these days (when I was pregnant 4 years ago I couldn’t stand the taste of water! Those things kept me hydrated!)

    Keep up the great work on your 40 bags!

    • The color was actually disappointing because it’s actually green..what??? Yep. I don’t know if they mislabeled the color or what but quiet moments is a green gray- decidedly green! So, I picked another 2 colors: glass slipper and Brittany blue. They are on the same color card and are both warm grayish blue. I say warm because they look it compared to the purple blue grays lol

      Doesn’t it feel good to purge?? But, I don’t know how you don’t drink coffee- without coffee I would still be at negative 7 bags 🙂 haha. The thing I love most is that while I was cleaning out the closet I also got some progress in the laundry room and playroom so that when I head into there to really work I’ve already got a head start!

      • What???? That’s green??? Nooooo! I painted my bathroom and living room gray when we moved in. The bathroom looks GREAT because it’s so bright and brings out a lot of the blue in the gray. The living room though…. just looks industrial. Not good. I was thinking of painting it a cream, but I’m horrible at choosing paint colors. My basement walls are covered in paint swatches. I’ve decided I will paint the basement ONLY after we replace the ceiling tiles and lighting (because the lighting fixtures SUCK in that room!)

        Yeah…. coffee actually makes me physically ill. And cold coffee just tastes like dirty water. I’ll stick with ice water. 🙂

        Yes, purging feels AMAZING! I’m so sad though because Hoarders is my inspirational show I watch while I purge and Netflix only has the first season. Which I finished today! I guess I’ll go back to the first episode! Or look on YouTube!

        It’s great when cleaning one area leads to making a little progress in another. Yay! Here’s to cluttering our whole houses!!! (btw, hubby says he took a couple of boxes out to trash and recycling the other day! Yay!)

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