My Never Ending Story..

The first time I saw this meme, I thought wow the Internet *really* knows me. Today, for my 40 bags in 40 days challenge, I cleaned out the laundry room. It was another area that did not yield a lot of give away-able items, but I did get rid of a large bag of trash (two if you count the one I finally emptied from the trash in the laundry room:). The laundry room is one of the areas I can’t stand to have cluttered so it didn’t start out that bad: 

I usually do not have laundry on top of either the washer or dryer unless it’s drying so this is actually slightly worse than usual. Surprisingly, even though it looks pretty good it still took me a couple hours to get it really clean (it’s also the dog room so I had to vacuum and wipe down base boards and I’m still pretty sure there’s half a dog’s worth of hair behind the washer). 

Want to take a look at my laundry sorting solution? 

I normally sort the laundry upstairs, but a lot of the time the kid’s laundry goes right into these bins. I decided to help the family members out (who can never seem to remember which is which) and make some laminated labels (the old ones were just pieces of paper and were on the process of falling down if not already fallen). 

I would love to make my laundry room beautiful some day with cabinets and nice shelving but for now this is functional. And take a look at the best part: 

 Look at that little helper- doesnt everyone wish they had one? Speaking of the little helper- he’s vacuum obsessed and we just traded in the Ergo Rapido (again but this time it broke after only a couple months- if that) for a Shark Rocket

Before we bought our third Ergo Rapido (the first two lasted about 2 years each with their batteries eventually wearing out), we tried the Dyson Slim. For a $300 vacuum it sure was lame. The suction was bad, it was awkward to maneuver, and the kicker? You had to hold the button in the entire time. There was no on switch. This just seems like an idiotic design to me. I hope they’ve fixed it on newer models. Enter the Shark Rocket. 

I’ve actually wanted this vacuum for a while but I couldn’t get past the inconvenience of the cord. Finally I saw it for $150 ($50 less than the infomercial price) at Costco. In the midst of feeling frustrated about the longevity of the ergo Rapido, I took the plunge and became a proud owner of a Rocket. I’ll tell you two things: 1) the first thing I noticed was the suction- it’s amazing. The dyson didn’t compare (it was the bottom of the line I will say but still cost twice as much as the shark). 2) the cord is not as annoying as I thought. I can do about 1/3 of my first floor without needing to move to a different outlet. This is not a big deal because I only vacuum the middle of my house daily, the outskirts only need to be done weekly. I also like that the vacuum now has a home. I couldn’t store my rechargeable vacuum in a closet because my closets don’t have outlets. I couldn’t put it in the laundry room because there’s only one outlet in there for the washer/dryer (design flaw). I love having my vacuum out of the way. The good old ergo Rapido really wasn’t doing anything for my design plans. 

The Shark Rocket has a lot of features I really like and so far no drawbacks. Though I was initially wary of the inconvenience of the cord, it translates to better suction and out of the way storage. 

Wow- that was long and no shark did not pay me to write this review (I wish they would though!:). I am just always excited to find a product that makes my life a little easier and keeps my house a little cleaner! 


2 thoughts on “My Never Ending Story..

  1. Your laundry room before photo STILL looks better than mine! But, I don’t have a nice laundry room. Mine is set up in the basement with the water heater and furnace. And the kitten’s litter box.

    Keep me posted on how you like the vacuum. I have an old Bissell and it’s bulky and awkward and the suction sucks. I’d love something light weight. Buuut at this point, I vacuum so infrequently (I’m terrible I know!) that it’s not worth the price yet. Maybe in a year or so I’ll take the plunge.

    • Yeah- I have a nice sized laundry room and I can’t have things all over for when the dog is here or else I bet it would be more of a mess 🙂 I have laundry baskets everywhere in my house though in various levels of fullness. It just never. Ends.

      I have to vacuum several times a day because we have hard floors throughout the first level- the carpeted areas? Don’t ask how often I vacuum those lol I’ll update in a couple months- that will be the test- how it holds up once “dirty”..

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