Indecision is my Middle Name

If you’ve been following me, you know we’re planning a major kitchen renovation and that includes getting rid of the ugly curtains seen in this picture 

I went to buy the fabric for them… And, surprise, surprise couldn’t decide! I had settled on 

With this fabric: 

As a cafe curtain over the kitchen sink. I had second thoughts when I realized even with coupons it would be pretty pricey (although after looking around I realized not *that* pricey). 

Another option is 

With this as cafe curtains over the sink: 

The second option is definitely cheaper but also…cheaper if you know what I mean. I’m in no rush so if I can’t decide I love one of these options I’ll just keep looking. The nice thing about the second option is it would be affordable to replace if I get sick of it. The first option while not ridiculous (let’s say under $100 total), I would probably not want to replace as nonchalantly. But, let’s be honest. The original curtains have been up for 7 years and I’ve been unimpressed with them for at least 6 years and 11 1/2 months 🙂 so it’s likely, whatever I choose will be there for the long run. 

Here’s one of our potential new wall colors to give you an idea of our color palette: Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper

We just picked up a paint sample so fingers crossed we love it and can move on to the next step (deciding if we want to paint some rooms the slightly darker blue on the color swatch). 

So, what do you think? Which option would you choose? If neither please give me some suggestions! I will probably change my minds about 100 times before making any decisions anyway. 


2 thoughts on “Indecision is my Middle Name

  1. Your choices are a little bold for me (I’m more of a solids girl, but nothing wrong with prints!) I think I like the birds, but I can’t be certain. 🙂 Good luck!

    The Glass Slipper looks a little green on my screen. Is it actually more blue? It is pretty though!

    • Oh I love prints and colors. Now, getting them to all go together may be a feat (option 1 is a little iffy with that as well). I’ve now found a couple things online that I like as well so decisions decisions!

      Glass slipper is definitely blue. If anything it looks a little gray-er on the computer than in real life. We just painted the samples on the wall and I like it. Still not sure if we’ll do the entire first level in it or do a couple rooms in the darker shades- Brittany blue or the next level up (sanotini blue or something..why don’t their colors have normal names? Haha). Once this project over my entire house will either be blue or pink except for the random green guest bedroom hmm. Lol

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