Slow Going..

I’m still trucking away at my 40 bags in 40 days project but ever since the stomach flu it’s just been slow going. Most of the problem is I had already been decluttering/spring cleaning before I heard of this project- I got rid of 4 large trash bags of donations, plus a big box, and several bags of garbage right before lent started. So, I’m having a hard time finding places that still need major decluttering. I still have a couple huge projects (like the guest bedroom or the garage/basement- I need a babysitter to tackle any of those!) but a lot of the smaller projects are already done (2 junk drawers are completely organized and a lot of the cupboards have also recently been reprganized as well). Here’s to picking an area that still needs some work (like the sippy cup drawer!) tomorrow. I did just take this stash of stuff (accumulated through every day cleaning and decluttering in general) over to the thrift store to complete another official day: 

My house is a happier place these days and I feel better being in it. Even the kids have a better time playing when they can actually find their toys! 


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