Getting it Done

One-er-two days at a time. I tackled two projects today so I’m giving myself a boost and credit for two days. I threw away two trash bags full of just garbage (why do I save so much trash? A lot of the time it’s under a misguided assumption that things are reusable or will at some point get used). I also found a few things that were worthy of giving away so they are tucked away in the next bag for donation. 

First, I tackled the cabinet under the sink. Mostly, it was full of cleaning supplies and a few art supplies (smocks) that I re-homed to the art/gift wrapping closet. I also decided to remove the giant box of dishwasher pods and place them in a little easy to reach container. Lastly, a couple cleaning supplies (floor cleaners and car cleaners) have found a new home in the laundry room- since I rarely use them, they were just getting in the way of the supplies I use every day.

Next, I decided my spice cabinet needed some work and that turned into reorganizing my entire set of cabinets next to the fridge. I’m still not in love with the spice organization (I’d love to find a rack that will work for us but haven’t as of yet) and I wish I could think of a better place to store the meds and first aid but we’ll see how this works after a couple months. I have not yet succeeded in keeping the sippy cup or medicine storage neat and tidy long term. I’m hoping getting rid of excess/unnecessary cups will make it easier to keep things clean. 

So excited to be 1/4 of the way through my challenge! Just 29 days and bags to go! 


3 thoughts on “Getting it Done

  1. We ditched 99% of the kid cups and actually put ALL of the remaining kid cups/bowls/plates in a drawer vs a cabinet, down low where the kids can reach it.

    Nice work under the sink, we only keep a spray bottle of vinegar water, the dishwasher pods and….. that’s about it! LOL I’m paranoid about the kids getting into cleaning products so all of that is kept on the top shelf of the linen closet. I mostly use the vinegar spray in the kitchen, or else my Norwex cloths which require no chemicals.

    BTW, I made a stack of about 5 cardboard boxes to bring out to recycling – all from the basement. Some were empty and just hanging out, others I emptied into bins to re-home or recycle or garage sale. It was great! I even found my missing high school year book!

    Also, I’m very impressed with your blogging! 🙂

    • Haha thanks 🙂 I have good motivation for it with the decluttering! I have child safety locks on all the lower cabinets and I mostly use non-toxic cleaners (well I do have some oven cleaner I never use anyway so I should probably pitch it) and the one small bottle of bleach and Lysol for the toilets are kept on the top shelf in the laundry room.

      We don’t have any deep enough drawers to store the cups or else that would be much better.

      I envy your basement organizing- that’s huge on the to do list!! But it’s going to take a lot of work…like months lol

      • My basement is going to take forever also. It’s a big mess. I haven’t even LOOKED in the play room closet yet….. (and did I mention we had water leaking into the playroom? Yeah…. we’ve got to pitch the carpet in there and already pitched most of the toys that got damaged….)

        I really want to rearrange my basement, specifically because my sister and I may swap furniture (odd, I know, but the house she’s living in right now doesn’t fit her couch. And I wouldn’t mind ditching my moms old love seat for her nicer couch! HA!) so clearing out crap and making room is prime on my “to do” list.

        Bummer on the lack of drawers 😦 I really hate my kitchen cabinets but I guess I’ll be thankful for my drawers!

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