I keep trying and trying to be more frugal on the clothes buying front. But, I can never seem to actually find things I like second hand for a good price. In the effort to try again, I headed off to the Mom2mom consignment sale yet again. I’ve tried several years and never found anything. At least this year I didn’t leave empty handed. I found 4 items (2 in current size and 2 that he won’t wear until next year) for $11. If I had found more deals I could have ended up for about 40 items for $100! That would have been great but the prices were high (especially on the girls clothes- faded and well worn for $5/dress?) and the selection was limited. Sigh. I wish we had more large consignment stores a la the Dugars on 19 kids and counting nearby. But, I digress. In my shopping I noticed a heavy theme- can you catch it? 

Along the same theme I almost bought 

but the $5 price tag and the fact that it was much more bubblegum than it appears in the pictures held me back. Had it been more along the lines of $3 or if J had been more excited about it I may have sprung for it. 

Oh well, I tried! But, I now remember why I don’t usually bother. Trying to dig through the racks with 3 boisterous children in tow is not the most fun I’ve ever had! 

On the way home I did discover 

at a little flea market type store. Look familiar? Anyone remember the trunk I snatched up for under $15??? See that “sale” tag?? Patting myself on the back right now! 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Frugality

  1. Nice truck! When the family sells my grandma’s house I have my eye no a trunk in her basement. My sister thinks it may have come from Italy. I love history and antiques!

    I hear ya on the consignment. We have a Once Upon a Child store nearby, but I only go when they have their $1 clearance sale – or I need to find tap/ballet shoes in another size! Otherwise I don’t really bother. I’d rather just shop the Kohl’s clearance rack and use a 30% coupon! (Or just use what we get for Christmas/birthday gifts!)

    BTW, totally cleaned the living room today. It was a HUGE mess because I’d puled toys up from the basement to sort. Well, the sorting bins got left out and the kids got into them. So, it was all mixed together again. Today I filled 2 bins and a Costco banana box will garage sale items for end of May. Woohoo! It’s looking much better. Still lots to go through in the basement though 😦

    • Toys and clothes are *the* worst for me. I have such a hard time getting rid of both because I have lots of sentimental attachment (plus I save all the clothes because I never know what I’m going to get next;) though if M never starts sleeping properly…way to go on getting rid of more stuff (or preparing to anyway)- I missed another day but when we’re out of the house like we’ve been the past two days- there’s just no time! I’ll get through my 40 days by Christmas maybe?? 🙂

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