A Boy’s Best Friend

We’ve vacated our house to give the painters room to work without interruption…yep that’s right- the painters are painting the kitchen and family room. I’m so excited to see how it turns out. For the moment though, we’re escaping to Camp Kreitzer for a visit with the grandparents and our Taya dog (they watched us for us while max was arriving and she decided she preferred the wide open spaces to town living). 

M has finally decided he’s a fan (however, he still does not love getting licked in the face).

Through our painting process I have learned a couple things. 

One, paint swatches and online pictures really can’t give you any reliable idea of how it will look in your house- you have to buy samples. (I’ve known this for a while but there were a couple colors I checked out online that turned out completely different in person). 

Two, you can color match and get 99 cent sample paints at Ace Hardware to test out colors without paying $3-7 for a pint (I wish I’d discovered this earlier). This was very helpful since I had such a hard time settling on a color and actually ended up choosing the last 99 cent color that I threw in as an afterthought. 

Three, Home Depot will not color match in their highest grade of paint (marquee). And, I think J may have learned something here- always call the spouse before making paint purchases. He had them mixing the paint in the next highest paint when I talked to him and we decided to go with the Benjamin Moore paint. I was not super happy with the bottom of the line Behr paint we used in the bathroom and was concerned about the finish of the cheaper paint. 

Now, to give a sneak peak at our colors? We picked Wedgwood Gray for our family room and kitchen.

It looks like it has a greenish tint doesn’t it? It doesn’t. It’s blue gray. It’s a darker color than my original choice of Glass Slipper and it has a lot more gray. And, for the foyer we picked a lighter blue gray called Light French Gray 

See how gray that sample looks? It’s very blue on the walls. So really this is no indication of the real color. Here’s a picture of it in someone’s house. See how much bluer it looks even there? 

Can’t wait to show you our own results of our renovation. I also made a decision on some of the curtains for the kitchen though window treatments for the family room as still to be determined. 


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