Color Me Blue

Or is it Gray? Well, whichever it is- it’s painted! Here’s a sneak peek. I’ll be doing a bigger before and after post later. But for now-  

 Ta da! Goodbye dark orange and very very bright yellow! This picture doesn’t actually show how blue this color actually is in person but it’s beautiful. Can’t wait to get working on the foyer. I may be crazy but I’m even thinking of painting our front door pink on the inside to match the outside. I saw a pretty inner foyer door in a bright color on Pinterest and well if I don’t like it I can always paint it back 🙂  

Oh and here’s my slow progress on my 40 day challenge..yeah I did that before the painting project kicked me out of our house..



8 thoughts on “Color Me Blue

    • Thanks! It’s a little brighter in person- it makes the room/s feel so much bigger. I actually don’t want to put all the clutter back so major decluttering project in the works!

      • Clutter. Ugh. The bane of my existence.
        We moved around the furniture in our basement and suddenly, we have ALL this space! It feels much less cluttered, even though there is clutter everywhere, because I need to finish moving stuff to new homes!

        I’m working on choosing paint colors for my office right now. The room I’m in is a peaceful “songbird” blue (I think it’s Pittsburgh Paint? Or else Dutch Boy.) But I’m swapping rooms with my girls so they have a little more space, and that room is Barbie paint in “Girls Night Out” BRIGHT purple. Seriously, it’s blinding. I was thinking of going with gold, and one red accent wall, but now I’m wondering if a teal accent wall would be better. Whatever color it ends up being, I’m hanging a beautiful gold mirror I received when my great aunt died. So, whatever color I pick has to look great with the gold mirror!

        I hate choosing paint colors. I wish I could just Photoshop my walls!

      • Oh I’m right there with ya. I’ve just got all this stuff!! Ugh. We really need to finish our basement so we have more room for J’s office and my craft stuff especially if we’re going to continue homeschooling.

        I hate picking paint too. Just ask J how fun this process has been. We did 6 different paint samples before I picked one and I could have kept going if it weren’t for J being done with the whole process. Lol.

      • I loved the gold and red, but after a few days thinking about it, I decided I would be sick of it fast. I love the blue walls I’m surrounded by now, so I’m thinking of going for a tropical color scheme. Sand colored walls, with a teal accent wall. My gold mirror will still look beautiful on that teal wall.

        Eric has been living with my paint swatch covered basement for nearly 6 years now! Nothing looks good down there. I told him I’d figure out the color once we replace the ceiling tiles and light fixtures, that will hopefully change the lighting for the better! He had his hopes up when I brought home a bright green paint sample. I painted a whole section of the wall (like, 4 feet by 5 feet!) and decided I hated it. He’s a little sad there will be no Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Green walls.

        If I didn’t have a finished basement I would have no room for anything! Good luck with yours!

      • You know- even though we have a lot of square footage, so much of it is wasted in bedroom space and yet our bedrooms are pretty small *except* the large master and master bath! What a waste of space lol. The main level is also very cut up. If I could- we’d tear out some walls and have a much more open concept living area. That said- there are a lot of things I love about our house so I’m not complaining! And, though wasted space- I do find the master very comfy so oh well!

      • I’d bet anything your bedrooms are still larger than mine!
        Our “master” bedroom is something like 10 ft x 11 ft. The second bedroom is the same size, and the third is 9×10! Isn’t that ridiculous” There’s just enough room to squeeze between the bed and the dressers/closet. I think about my old apartment where I could have fit THREE of my bed inside and I feel a little sad. BUT this is our starter home and we’re hoping to move in about 5 or so years. Hopefully. I’ll be working again, so we can get afford a little more, plus we’ll have whatever profit we make on the sale of this house (hopefully at least 40K if not more!)

        The gold is more of a sand. So, like, a warm tan. It’s a pretty beachy color. I’ll tag you on Facbeook. 🙂

      • Oh gold and teal would be really pretty. I like red too but I think it might get too much? Then again I’m recovering from the whole orange thing at the moment lol

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