One More Week

Until the first anniversary of the day I gave birth to my wild thing- otherwise known as his birthday. However, I call it an anniversary because it marks one year breastfeeding for us. I have struggled so hard with feeding all of my babies and the first two ended up on formula pretty early on. This time, I stuck it out through the hard times. I’ve loved staring into little adoring eyes as he sleepily nursed at bedtime and I haven’t loved so much the baby acrobatics at distracted “mealtimes” (and the biting- oh the biting!). It’s fitting, though, as I head to this milestone for us (to be honest more for me than even for baby M as he would be just as content on bottles even if breastmilk is best), I got the following note from our waitress at dinner tonight: 


I have never been shamed for breastfeeding in public but it was still nice to get recognition and acceptance for doing what’s best for both me and my baby. I have to admit- it made me tear up a bit. I can’t believe my baby is turning one- what a year it’s been!

And, here’s the little wild thing on his first train ride:  




2 thoughts on “One More Week

  1. What an amazing note to receive!
    Good for you for nursing in public! I always did. I think, once you’ve given birth, all cards are on the table LOL

    Congrats on the anniversary of nursing AND his birthday!!!

    Cute train pix. 🙂

    • Haha! I always nurse in public- even (gasp) in church! I’m very discreet though- I believe in modesty while nursing so I’m kind of like- blegh about the breastfeeding radicals! Happy medium people! And, thank you! I’m very excited to have made it a full year with him- when we started supplementing (he needed it) I worried that was the end of it but nope- he still prefers mama unless there’s nothing left lol

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