My closet right now- all seasons in one including lots of items that don’t work with a breastfed baby

Has anyone heard of the new minimalistic technique of a Capsule Wardrobe? I ran across it a couple months ago when I was doing my 40 Bags in 40 days project (which I may or may not have failed miserably about- at least in the blogging- because I certainly got rid of more than 40 bags of junk in the pat few months but I didn’t count it as a day unless I blogged it and let’s be honest- I’m not great at blogging :). But, I kind of thought- 37 items in your wardrobe? That’s crazy talk. I still don’t think it’s realistic for me as a mom of 3 to survive with that few clothes- I have to take into account how often I do laundry and the fact that I can’t buy high end because well- when my $15 shirt from belk or gap gets ruined I may be a little bummed but eh it’s no big deal but if I was dropping $50-100 per item I think I’d be slightly more than bummed… Those things aside, I think it’s an interesting concept. Over the next few days I think I’ll make a plan, buy some storage for my post pregnancy wardrobe and items that aren’t working for me yet and clean out the closet. I’m thinking I don’t even need to buy anything at this point to get started (okay I’ll be honest, I just bought a couple items anyway). Maybe a new pair of flats (I don’t wear heals) to dress up my normal uniform of jeans and a tank. I have a feeling when I really look through my closet and choose my favorite items, I’ll have a lot easier time throwing some pretty cute outfits together and maybe not resort to yoga pants quite so often (I know I know Leggings aren’t pants). 

Another thing I’m considering? Cleaning up my girls’ closet in the same way. I’m so tired of finding clean clothes thrown all over the floor and their closet bulging with dresses and tutus and who knows what else! How many outfits would you keep on hand for 3 and 6 year old girls? I’m thinking of starting with 14 (7 dresses, and 7 skirts/shorts etc). And, seeing if that’s too many and going from there. I know that probably sounds excessive in and of itself but Anya still has a lot of 4t stuff rolling around in her wardrobe and I never do sort out seasons. I’m thinking I may start because 2 girls sharing one itty bitty closet is just not working.